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What Uses Watt?

WHAT USES WATT? HOW MUCH ARE YOUR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ACTUALLY COSTING YOU? Iron Vacuum cleaner 10p per hour 20p per hour Lightbulb 10p per hour Laptop 1p per hour Broadband router 5p per day Desktop computer 40p per day Games console 2p per hour Smart phone (charge) 0.1p per hour Oil-filled radiator 30p per hour Immersion heater £10.80 per day Towel rail 85p per day Electric shower 25p per shower Television 5p per hour Underfloor heating 43p per day Hairdryer 15p per hour Video, DVD and CD player 1p per hour 60p per bath Soundbar 3p per day Fridge 25p per day Extractor fan Dishwasher 20p per hour 0.3p per hour Dehumidifier £1.70 per day Oven Grill/hob 25p per hour Tablet charging 0.2p per hour 30p per hour Kettle 35p per hour Toaster Microwave 15p per hour 15p per hour Electric fire 40p per hour Freezer Deep fryer 15p per hour LCD TV 3p per hour 50p per day Fridge-freezer 80p per day Tumble dryer 45p per hour Washing machine 30p per hour solar panel (minus) 82 p per day Electric mower 15p per hour Electricity needed to operate an appliance is measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW), and the amount of energy it uses is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The figures above are average costs based on electricity being charged at 14p per kWh. Saving electricity is not only good for the world, it's good for our finances too. If you want to save money, it's worth noting which appliances are costing us the most to run. Watch out for movement and heat, as they require a lot more electricity than light and sound. But still, don't forget to turn off the lights. Lighting can cost around a fifth of an average home's electricity bill. Many modern appliances also have design innovations to make them more energy efficient. Look for goods rated 'A' or above on energy labels. ADSO

What Uses Watt?

shared by mattmatt2 on Apr 30
Electricity usage makes up a large percentage of any annual household bill, and there are some things we can do to reduce our electricity usage and some things we can’t. For instance fridges and fre...


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