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What TV taught me about selling my home

What TV Tanght me abont Selling my home. Once upon a time, men with noble ideals and honorable intentions believed the wonders of television would change the world through enlightenment and education. Instead, we got Jerry Springer. And while Jerry certainly opened up my eyes to a world I never knew existed, he could not help me attract buyers to my home when it came time to sell. For that, I went to the following shows for inspiration. Presentation ADDAMS FAMILY Gomez and Morticia showed me that there is no quicker way to scare potential buyers away from your home than if your house looks dank, untidy and unloved. Before the first open house, clear away the cobwebs from the corners, cut away the creepers over the windows and let the sunlight stream into the home. Oh, and tell Thing to stay in his box. There are an estimated Up to 2,000,000 300,000,000 dust mites can be living in your mattress asthma suffers worldwide Security Kramer has been counted to enter Jerry's apartment over 380 times throughout the entire TV show! FBI stats say there is a burglary every 15.4 / seconds in the USA SEINFELD Seinfeld taught me that security and privacy is important in a home. Indeed, this is something buyers want too. They want to know that the house they are buying is safe and secure so ensure all the locks are working. They don't want their hipster-doofus, next door neighbour barging in to borrow some cantaloupe. Repair ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT A coat of paint can go a long way to brightening up a tired looking home. Just make sure you do a good job and not leave blue paint handprints around the house! While simple repairs such as fixing leaky taps can make all the difference. Solid as a Rock! According to Dulux Paints, 42% 30% say their most popular colour is Blue Location GAME OF THRONES Buyers will be prepared to go to war over a home situated close to amenities such as schools, shopping, public transport and, if it's in Kings Landing, the local treasury. If buyers know about your home's prime real estate position, they will duke it out until only one stands with the keys in their hands. Winter is coming. The top 7 socially progressive countries of the world: • Sweden • United Kingdom • Switzerland • Canada • Germany • United States • Australia Marketing MAD MEN If Don Draper was advising you on how to best market your home for sale, he would tell you to have the house professionally photographed, with expertly written copy, to erect a signboard and to advertise the home both online, and in the local newspaper. He would then have a glass of scotch, smoke a Lucky Strike and then head to the tailors for a new suit. In Australia 86% of people use the internet as their main research tool when searching for a home to buy. Price The most expensive house in the world is Antilla Mumbai in India, worth $1 billion. • 27 stories. 400,000 sq/ft. 570 feet tall • staff of 600 people • nine elevators • Movie theater with seating capacity for 50 people 578,760 gooooo8 WINNER THE PRICE IS RIGHT Ideally, you'll want to say 'Come on down!' to multiple buyers. Which is why setting the price for your home is so important. If it's too high, you may not get any buyer interest; but if you price too low you may be selling your home below its value. To ensure a timely sale, see advice from an agent, or a studio audience, and price your home according to market expectations. Agent Entourage Just like Ari Gold, a superstar agent will not hesitate to miss his daughter's birthday if it means putting that sold sticker on your home. Choose someone who you can trust, understand and most of all believe. You will want someone who can guarantee results, not excuses. The first-time home buyer market consist of: 35% 19% 11% 14% 1% Married couples Single Single Unmarried Others females males couples It's Smart to Ask A Aussie Home Loans Personal Loans Credit Cards Insurance References • • • 12-most-expensive-homes-world/#/1-antilla-mumbai-1-billion_916/ Step%20By%20Step%20Guidek20Tok20Dust%20Mitek20Control.pdf • • • • infographic-figuring-out-first-time-buyers/

What TV taught me about selling my home

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So, you've decided to put your house on the market. You want to maximize the amount of buyers to your home what can you do to stand out from the crowd? At times like this, I turn to TV. Television sho...



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