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What to know about Solar Panels

Solar Panels What you need to know about Solar Panels in the UK! Did you know? #1 Solar Power is the Leading form of Domestic Renewable Energy Solar Panels work when it is cloudy (but the power output may reduce) In the UK, the further South you live, the more electricity your Solar Panels will generate | Experts predict the UK will have 10 million homes with Solar Panels by 2020 ST Solar Panels need little maintenance, & should last 25+ years You can save money on your electricity, L£) and even make money by selling the excess electricity back onto the grid Requirements: Typical Solar Panel Installation costs £4,000-6,000 Can your roof support the weight? Property Owner A Southerly facing roof is Ideal! Additional Rules apply to Listed Buildings & homes in a Conservation or Heritage Site Will your insurer still insure your property? Solar Panels are normally a Permitted Development meaning you do not need planning permission Cost Installation: £4,000-6,000 For an average sized semi detached property with 3kw Solar Panels of Maintenance: Approx. £200 per year Solar Panels Your Investment 奉 Solar Panels are a safe and reliable investment, and not only generate a profit, but often add value to your home Combined saving and profit of over £600 pa based on a typical 3kw solar panel system Electricity Bills Reduced - Feed-in Tariff Profits - Grid Earnings Benefits: Saves you Money! Say goodbye to Energy Bills Makes you Money! Feed-in Tariff & put excess back into the grid An array of Environmental Benefits - Reduce Carbon Footprint - Sustainable Energy Šource - Help Reduce Global Warming - Cleaner Air Potential increase in your homes value Disadvantages: However, batteries can be used to store energy for darker times Solar Panels need sunlight, thus do not work 24/7 & performance varies with the seasons Feed-in Tariff VS Free Solar Panels Increase in Property Price Free Electricity Make over £600 per year in Savings and Profit Environmental Benefits Environmental Benefits Potential reduce in Property Price X High initial outlay X 25 year+ contract If you can afford the initial outlay, it makes sense to opt for the Feed-in Tariff Solar Panels, but free solar panels can still reduce your electricity costs and help the environment Infographic designed by -

What to know about Solar Panels

shared by SolarPanelsCheap on Jan 15
This infographic will help you learn all of the important information you need to know about solar panels in the UK. From how much they cost, to the benefits and disadvantages, this fun and simple inf...


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