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what is hiding in your carpet

CARPET PRO What is hiding in Your Carpet? Why is cleaning your carpets so important? Want to know what is hiding in your carpet? 01 ust miteg Dust mites are microscopic creatures that themselves are harmless. The problem stems from the fact that they produce large quantities of microscopic waste. This waste is harmful because it can cause a range of respiratory problems. 02 bacteria Pets and the soles of our shoes bring bacteria in the home. The carpet creates the perfect conditions for the growth of the bacterial colonies, especially if it's cleaned infrequently. According to a study carried out in the UK, the soles of our shoes carry bacteria like E. coli and members of the pneumonia family. 03 buge Fleas and bed bugs are some of the bugs (apart from dust mites) that could find a brand new home in your beautiful carpet. 04 Pet Hair and ander Pet owners have to deal with this problem every single day. Fur sheds and it's often deposited in the carpet. Even if the carpet is cleaned on a daily basis, some of the hair will still get trapped between the fibers. This could be a serious problem for people suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions. 05mud and Dirt Once again – entering the house with your shoes on is the main reason why mud and dirt hide in the carpet. Dirt and earth can also get caught on the hem of pants and deposited on the carpet. CARPETPRO CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING

what is hiding in your carpet

shared by carpetprouk01 on May 24
Things to watch out for which are hidden in your carpet and probably harm you in a long run. So get it clean ASAP with Carpet Pro UK


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