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What The Flush? The Weirdest Things Ever Flushed Down The Toilet

WHAT =THE= FLUSH? THE WEIRDEST THINGS EVER FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET CIVIL WAR CANNON SHELL O Vicksburg, MS: Things flushed down toilets are usually fairly new, right? Not in this case. Plumbers found a Civil War cannon shell dating back to 1861. As if that's not crazy enough, it was a live cannon shell! TRAINING BRA O Plainfield, IL The plumbing in the EXCLUSIVELY MALE washroom of a commercial building was having some issues. Why? Because a TRAINING BRA had been flushed down the toilet. LIQUOR BOTTLES O Sacramento, CA Some people wish they could just flush their secrets down the drain, and others actually do. While trying to unclog the drains in an office, plumbers found miniature liquor bottles, which an employee drank on the job and flushed down the toilet to hide the evidence. $70,000 DIAMOND RING O Phoenix, AZ It took eight hours, a jackhammer, an infrared video camera, and the removal of several pipes for plumber Mike Roberts to recover Allison Berry's $70,000 diamond wedding ring after she flushed it down a diner toilet. FALSE TEETH O Rock Hill, SC A man who dropped his teeth down the toilet was panicking and anxious to get them back... so that he could use them again "after a good cleaning." A PUPPY O Phoenix, AZ A 7-year-old boy was washing his 5-6 week old puppy in the toilet, when he accidentally flushed his furry companion straight down. But don't worry... The police rescued the puppy and returned it to its owner. INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: Sources: t-things-flushed-down-a-toilet/ CONTRACTOR weirdest-things-found-in-sewers-drains.html FAIVS puppy-was-flushed-down-the-toilet,2933,482647,00.html

What The Flush? The Weirdest Things Ever Flushed Down The Toilet

shared by fixographic on May 07
Live ammunition, undergarments, diamond rings... and puppies? You'll never believe what some people flush down the toilet.


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