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What To Do When Your Fire Alarm Goes Off

WHAT TO DO DOW WHEN A FIRE ALARM OR SMOKE DETECTOR GOES OFF I HEAT DETECTOR SMOKE DETECTOR FIRE ALARM FIRE ALARM PULL DOWN SIMPLEX A smoke detector goes off when it senses the presence of A fire alarm is a system of A heat detector goes off either when a certain temperature is met or if the temperature in a devices: heat detectors and smoke. smoke detectors to sense a room rises at a certain rate. fire, and can activate sprinklers or alert the fire station when triggered. TEST YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR Test your smoke detectors once a month to ensure that it is functioning correctly. #1 #2 #3 Wear hearing protection. Notify security system company of the test. Make sure you can hear the alarm from the far end of your house. #6 #5 #4 Spray some smoke detector test aerosol and wait for alarm Vacuum the test material from Press and hold the test button your alarm to silence it. on the alarm until it sounds. sounds. FIRE ESCAPE PLAN O Draw out your own escape plan ED Things to include 2 exits for Ladders ready Outside meeting Fire each room for escape place extinguishers WHAT TO DO DURING A FIRE 1. Do not open the door if you see smoke coming from the cracks. 2. Before opening doors, check for heat with the back of your hand. 3. Exit through window if you cannot exit through the door. 4. If you are stuck in a room, keep smoke out by putting towels in any gaps. 5. Avoid breathing in smoke by staying low. A 6. Crouch and crawl to move around. 7. If you are in bed, do not sit up, instead roll out of bed to avoid the dangerous fumes. 8. If time permits, grab a wet towel to cover your nose and mouth. S 9. If you catch on fire, stop, drop, and roll. A 10. Do not hide under your bed or in a closet. 11. Get out of the house immediately and go to your meeting point. Source: LINK INTERACTIVE

What To Do When Your Fire Alarm Goes Off

shared by joanneyuen on Oct 01
Many people do not know how to react when a fire alarm or smoke detector goes off in their house. Here's a helpful infographic that goes over how to react during a fire and ways to maintain your alarms.


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