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What Can We Learn From London’s Container Cities?

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM LONDON'S CONTAINER CITIES? What Is A Container City? Enter the Container City. In 1998, Architect Nicholas Lacey and engineer Buro Happold created two Container Cities in the Docklands area. Does London Need A Container City? London is renowned for high density living, and having a very limited amount of space available for housing developments. Architects are constantly having to push the boundaries of their designs. Key Advantages Recycled construction materials The main structural component - shipping containers - were recycled. Environmentally friendly Inside the shipping containers, all of the lofts and studios are environmentally friendly. Flexible design The Container City is made up of pieces, rather than units, making it incredibly adaptable. Cost efficient The cost of a shipping container is considerably lower than the materials for a standard home. Culturally significant The success of London's Container Cities has led to the approval of similar designs across a number of other projects. Security Shipping containers are designed to protect stored goods during transportation, but access requirements mean they are are always vulnerable via their main doors. The security issue doesn't change when a shipping container is repurposed for residential, commercial or office use. ABUS One way to improve the security of your shipping container is to invest in a Steel Door. Three Beneficial Doors Stainless Steel Security Door These provide #304 grade stainless steel protection over long distances for shipping container contents. Price: £579.99 + VAT Steel Security Personnel Doors These help to reinforce both the security and the domestic appearance of the repurposed shipping container. Price: £139.99 + VAT Louvre Panels Louvre panels offer 50% more airflow into your shipping container. If you work long hours inside your container you will enjoy the through-flow created by these panels. Price: £64.99 + VAT Bespoke Our wide range of industry-leading steel security doors can be customised to meet the dimensions of shipping containers for truly bespoke security measures. To find out more about our custom steel security doors for shipping containers: (0)1384 220 050 LATHAM'S STEEL SECURITY DOORSETS

What Can We Learn From London’s Container Cities?

shared by ldavies16 on Oct 25
With London experiencing high property prices and limited development space, developers are having to continue to push their boundaries. In this infographic we look at the key benefits of using a ship...


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