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Water Saving Tips for the Home

WATER SAVING TIPS For home your Average family of 4 with a Set a timer when you shower An 8 minute shower = 34p = £124.10 per year A 5 minute shower = 21p = £76.60 per year A family of 4 can save £190 a year from shorter garden spends %3D £587 on water a year showers. Put a hippo in your loo – Save I Litre Per Flush A water displacement device called a Hippo, dropped into your cistern saves water and is often free via your water company. Washing Up – 50% less water used A washing up bowl or plug in your sink can reduce water wastage compared with running a tap. A tap that drips dreame once a second wastes 27,000 gallons of water annually Upgrading to a modern washing machine can save over 50% Trigger Hoses - Costs £5-8 Switch from continuous flow to stop/start trigger hoses. They can save up to 50% on the amount of on water waste water used. water the garden in the evening to minimise evaporation Mulch reduces water evaporation by 75% and supresses weeds Fill your washing machine up A full load is a more efficient use of water and electricity. Similarly don't run a half full dishwasher, plates also don't need to be vinsed before they go in first. The tap water in the UK is amongst the best in the world Tap Insert You could save up to 36 litres per day. They aerate the water so you use less without compromising on flow. Free or cheap from most water companies. Get a water butt The kitchen Collect free rainwater to accounts for feed your plants. 8-14% of a household's water usage In the 1970s 20% of homes had a shower, today it is Think about installing a 85% water meter Once your consumption is down, a water meter is a cheaper way to pay for your usage. ge Guarantormyloan @guarantormyloan f Iguarantormyloan

Water Saving Tips for the Home

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"When it comes to saving water, small changes in your habits can make a huge impact. This is great for the environment, and for your finances. By spending less time in the shower, fixing dripping taps...



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