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Water Heater Temperature Setting Debate

HOT WATER HEATER TEMPERATURE SETTING HOW TO Minimize health risks. Conserve Energy 158 Above 158 degres Legjonala des isanty Too hot of a water heater setting. At a water temperature of 140, 2nd & 3rd degree bums on aduit skin happen in 5 seconds. Make sure to differentiate between water temp'and water heater seting. 140 9O% of Legionela il di in2 minutes. Most ywater heaters are preset at this temperature, If one is at isk of contracting egionella this is a good setting: however it can be too hot for small children and the ělderly. 122 90% of Leginela il de in 0-124 minue. Dish washers without a booster heater may regquire at least a 130 degree setting, ENERGY STAR says a 120 degree seting can save up to $61 annually in standby heat loss &$400 in demand loss. 118-122 Legionella can live but do not muliply. OSHA says to prevent Legionnaires disease that a faucet water temperațúre of at least 122 degrees is ideal. To achieye this temp, though, the water heater needs to be set higher than 122. 90-108 Perfect growth temperature for Legionella. Nat a recommended temperaturę range due to the health risks, Drinking contarminated watjer is ok - Lěgionella typically enters the lungs třrough aspiration - for example in a showier's mist. In terms of money savings, if the current setting is 140 degrees, one will save on energy costs. If that is the current setting, money will not be saved. In terms of health benefits, weigh the options considering the ages and health conditions of ones family. Anti-scald mix concius Ons valves can be installed where needed too. Created by Phil Check it out at sources: LetionenaGrOWth

Water Heater Temperature Setting Debate

shared by WaterHeaterMedic on Feb 28
Information on the debate over the proper water heater temperature setting is illustrated in regards to health risks and energy savings.


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