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Washing Instructions Cheat Sheet

Washing Instructions Cheat Sheet Machine Washing White Hot High Heat (60 Degrees) (95 Degrees) Medium Heat (40 Degrees) Low Heat 40 (30 Degrees) 30 Washing machines are awesome . let's face it. How much time have they saved humanity!? Risk Factor But equally, let's admit we've all had pink shirts unintėntionally or shrunk our favourite hoodie. |- Hand Wash Only! All you need to do is follow the instruction icons on your washable item. - Do Not Wash! TIP "Use separate wash basketsfor whites, colours and linens to make filling the washing machine much easier!" Sarah @ Tumble Dryer High Heat Medium Heat Low Heat Another amazing time saving device - Tumble drying can be a great way to get your next round of washing ready to go in record time, especially when supplies of clean pants are running low. Risk Factor Suitable for Tumble Drying - Not Suitable for Tumble Drying But use with caution - *Shrinking Alert* Check for these labels before tumbling! TIP "Dryer Balls can be purchased cheaply, cut your drying time and therefore running costs!" Susan @ High Heat (60 Degrees) Ironing Medium Heat (40 Degrees) Low Heat (30 Degrees) Rish Factor The bane of a lot of people's lives so it seems, the iron is much maligned but is the only way to get those člothes smoothed out. -Iron With Steam Do Not Iron With Steam Ironing too hot can literally melt your clothes. so be careful and check the label for these icons before you fold out that ironing board! - Do Not Iron TIP "Hang shirts or blouses in the bathroom and turn the shower on for a couple of minutes. Youll see the creases and wrinkles disappear!" Carolin @ Natural Drying - Suitable for Natural Drying II|- orip Ory Thankfully - Nature is always available to help with your laundry needs. - Dry Flat Drying your laundry naturally means you'll save energy, money, and the environment! - Dry In The Shade If you're not in a rush it's definitely the way to go. - Dry On A Line TIP "Don't overload the washing machine! It doesn't get clothes clean and it can also break the machine!" Kara @ Professional Cleaning -Professional Cleaning Needed Do Not Dry Clean We love getting things cleaned professionally. F)- Ory Clean HCS Only The more expensive clothing or linens we buy might need this by default. Washing this stuffat home is a real gamble. Easier to jušt not take it. P)- Ory Clean PCE Only If you see one of these icons on the label, time to call a pro. Bought to you by Linens Direct 1. Piktochart i make information beautiful Temperature ON Тетренаture Temperature SNINI

Washing Instructions Cheat Sheet

shared by silverbeansam on Sep 07
A guide to washing label instructions. When you can wash at 40 degrees. When you can't use the tumble dryer. When you need to get something dry cleaned professionally. Plus some expert ti...




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