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Understanding How Water Softeners Work

UNDERSTANDING HOW WATER SOFTENERS WORK A LOOK AT HARD WATER WHAT IT IS Water that contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals Ca Mg OTHER MINERALS WHAT IT DOES MINERALS HARD WATER MINERALS makes it more in the water create build up on the inside of pipes and water heaters, leading difficult for soap a sticky film when to form a lather they react with soap to clogs FIXING HARD WATER WITH A WATER SOFTENER WHAT IT IS VALVE AN APPLIANCE that goes into your water supply system RESIN CONSISTS * Resin tank * Electronic Control Valve * Resin MINERAL BRINE * Bypass Valve * Brine Tanke TANK TANK WHAT IT DOES REMOVES MAKES minerals from your water your water softer so there's using the principle of less buildup wherever the ion exchange water touches HOW IT WORKS ION EXCHANGE +. Ca Mg Calcium and Resin beads in the resin Minerals stick to the tank have a negative charge magnesium have beads as water goes positive charges through the tank BRINE TANK Ф Mg (Ca Resin Tank Mg Ca Na Brine from the brine Sodium ions force Sodium ions & minerals tank passes through resin tank containing (magnesium & calcium) are suspended into the calcium & magnesium off the beads beads with calcium water and magnesium 3-PHASE REGENERATING CYCLE Recharge phase sends brine to the resin tank, Backwash phase Resin tank is rinsed of flushes debris out minerals & excess of the tank where sodium deactivates sodium into discharge line. Brine tank is charge of ions and beads release minerals to be refilled with water discharged TRI-COUNTY PUMP SERVICE INC. INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY Sources: /interior/1275126 8•. .:80.

Understanding How Water Softeners Work

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A water softener is an appliance that goes into your water supply system. This appliance consists of a mineral tank, Velectronic control valve, resin, bypass valve, and brine tank. Discover what this ...


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