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Understanding Burglary: Know Your Enemy, Stay Safe

UNDERSTANDING BURGLARY: KNOW YOUR ENEMY, STAY SAFE BURGLARY RATES ACROSS THE UK THE 10 WORST COUNCIL AREAS (Domestic Burglary per 1,000 Households) (Domestic Burglary per 1,000 Households) THE 10 BEST COUNCIL AREAS UNDERSTANDING THE BURGLAR The Average Burglar... Male Is not Age: 22-29 particularly skilled at breaking in (chooses easy targets) Is motivated Carries a by an urgent screwdriver, need for a crowbar or money a hammer Will commit 10+ burglaries a year! A 2012 survey of 422 convicted burglars, by UNC Charlotte found that the following % of burglars spent the money they stole on: LIVING DRUGS PARTYING EXPENSES 64% 35% 49% CLOTHES GIFTS GAMBLING & SHOES 17% 5% 31% 6'5" 6'5" 6'0" 6'0" 5'5" 5'5" 5'0" 50" 45" 4'5" 1 in 8 offenders pick the locks or simply use a key to gain entry 1 in 3 1 in 5 offenders offenders cut gather info on a target before a burglary telephone or alarm wires ahead of a burglary Choosing a Target Before carrying out a planned burglary, some burglars will monitor a Most burglaries are committed on a household's routine to establish weekday (in the daytime). when the house will be empty. Signs of wealth e.g. size / condition of property or expensive cars, make a target more attractive to burglars. Some burglars will ring the doorbell or telephone to see if anyone answers. According to Some will commit Few burglars will commit crimes if "Burglars On The Job" burglary regardless - they are addicted to the thrill of the crime their financial needs are met. by Richard T. Wright and/or the financial rewards. THE IMPACT OF BURGLARY Tradit roperty crime', however increasing evidence demonstrates that the lary has been labelled a severity of the crime's impact on its victim means burglary is far more serious than other crimes of this classification. According to a study for Psychology Today by psychiatrist Billie Corder. "The majority of victims say they will never have the same feeling of security and inviolability that they had in the past." Many victims fear becoming a target of other crimes, e.g. 1/3 of adults experienced 38% fear sleeplessness and anxiety which lingered for four or more months after the Violent Crime burglary. 37% fear Street Robbery For some victims, 25% the feeling of not being safe in their felt less able home will never to keep entirely disappear. their family safe. The impact of the crime is often magnified should the victim come face-to-face with their intruder. MAKING YOUR HOME SAFER When you go away... Don't advertise the fact you're going Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off. away online. Don't write your address on luggage tags. T. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail, and put your If possible, forward calls while you're away. bin out on collection day. Top Home Safety Tips 1 Cut back hedges or large trees especially any that block the view of doors or windows. 6 Don't leave valuable items in view of windows. 6 Keep keys well out of reach of letter boxes, so a burglar can't reach in and grab them. 2 Replace UPVC or veneered hollow doors with solid core doors. If possible, hang the door so that it opens outwards (this will prevent it being kicked in – but will only help if the hinges are on the inside of the house). O Install motion-activated security lighting, directed at windows and doors. 8 Install (and use) an alarm system. 3 Replace single glazed windows with lockable, double glazed windows. Consider fitting security glass or window film too. 9 Don't leave ladders outside – they could be used to access first floor windows. 10 Never leave the boxes for expensive goods on display. 4 Fit quality, deadbolt locks. SOURCES UKOAKDOORS bringing home natural beauty ISLE OF WIGHT MANCHESTER (26) BRECKLAND REDBRIDGE (23) NORTH NORFOLK BARKING & DAGENHAM (21) CRAVEN HARINGEY (21) LEWES WALTHAM FOREST (21) WEALDEN NEWHAM (21/) VALE OF WHITE HORSE BARNET (20) WEST OXFORDSHIRE BRENT (20) SOUTH LAKELAND ENFIELD (20) CEREDIGION HILLINGDON (20)

Understanding Burglary: Know Your Enemy, Stay Safe

shared by BoomOnline on Oct 22
Burglaries occur every two minutes in the UK and because October is National Home Security Month we've decided to create this infographic of astonishing facts and figures.


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