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The Ultimate Refrigeration Guide

Carlton Est. 1978 SALES The Ultimate REFRIGERATION GUIDE At zero or below, water within foods will begin to freeze. This can have a negative effect on products - especially vegetables, cream and milk! 5°c 0°c Operating Temperature Maximum temperature: 8°c Optimum temperature: 5°c 8°c Minimum temperature: 0°c Did you know? On top of the vegetables list are cucumber and lettuce, consisting of 96% water. CAPACITY Fridge capacity is often measured in Litres, but what does that amount to in reality? A typical household fridge unit has a capacity of around.. 90L 100 Litres is roughly equivalent to the contents of: 200 66 44 4 pint milk bottles 500ml cartons of Orange Juice 1.5L bottles of drinking water Did you know? It takes around 10 litres of milk to make 1kg of hard cheese. (If you could turn your cheese back into milk you'd be on to a space-saving winner!) ENERGY Under EU legislation, every new fridge, freezer and fridge freezer sold in the UK must have an energy label that gives its energy rating. Since 1 July 2012, all new models must have a rating of A+ / A++ / A+++ The refrigerator is typically one of the highest consumers of energy because it has to run 24hrs a day all year round. >6% Did you know? Vacuuming the dust from the back of a fridge 2-3 times a year can reduce energy consumption by up to 6%. So how does average consumption for a 100L fridge compare over a year? A standard 10 year old model uses: 70kWh/mth which is 840kWh/year and costs £118. A Comparable new model uses: 41kWh/mth which is 492kWh/year and costs £69. Giving you a potential saving of almost £50/year – that's the equivalent to the energy consumed by 25 25w energy saving light bulbs. 25 25w Energy saving light bulbs. LIFE SPAN The estimated average life span of a fridge is: 1960 20+ 2.4 years 1980 10-12 Million years The estimated number of fridges and freezers 2000 5 thrown away every year in the UK years STORAGE TIMES So how long can different products be stored in the fridge? Here's a simple guide: Luncheon meat - opened package or deli sliced Chicken or turkey, whole Beef burger, turkey, veal, pork, lamb 1 to 2 days 1 to 2 days 3 to 5 days FOOD WASTE Did you know? Cover Everything: Most refrigerated foods contain moisture. When left uncovered, foods will leach this moisture into the air and the compressor in a refrigerator will have to work twice as hard to remove it. 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away from UK homes every year, and more than half of this is food and drink that could have eaten. This is the equivalent of 24 MEALS A MONTH Wasting this food costs the average household £470 a year. Did you know? Meat and fish waste in the UK is equivalent to a staggering 86 million chickens every year - Squawk! WINE COOLING 4°C - 8°C As any aficionado will well know, the serving temperature of wine is all important. Many fridges, commercial and domestic, offer wine chilling. But just what temperature should your wine be? Sparkling Wines and Sweet White Wines 4°C - 8°C Champagne and Dry White Wine 8 °C -10 °C Red Wine 12 °C -14 °C Carlton Est. 1978 SALES

The Ultimate Refrigeration Guide

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When did you last open your refrigerator? Statistics suggested the average person opens the fridge door 15 to 20 times per day which can account for 7% of the appliances totally energy use each time! ...


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