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The Ultimate Guide to Your First Big Move

the Ultimate Guide to Your First CBIG MOVE The idea of getting everything together in time for one's first big move may seem rather daunting and near impossible. Here is a guide to help achieve an organized and virtuously seamless first move out. 5 Tips To Move By 1 Make a calendar Draw up a calendar beforehand to prevent tasks from taking you by surprise Add extra time & money to every estimate 2 Measure the space 3 Clean up first Before moving your possessions carefully measure out the new space to make sure everything can be accommodated Take advantage of the emptiness of your new home pre-move to do a thorough cleaning Order furniture & utilities in advance If you're purchasing new furniture order it in advance as there is often a lag time between purchase and delivery The same is true for utilities including electricity, gas, cable & the Internet 5 Change the locks Unless your locks are brand new you're most likely not the first person to live there Consider changing the locks for privacy and safety THE PRE-MOVE Have and maintain a moving planner Keep track of daily happenings including business cards, receipts, phone calls, paint swatches, etc. 50 50 50 Expect to spend around $250 on the moving must haves: 50 50 Boxes that are in Should count on needing excellent condition at least 100 boxes for a three bedroom home Specialized boxes for fragile or heavy items Tape, tape guns, and box cutters are must haves Stay away from using newspaper as it can stain packed items Packing paper PACK THE ESSENTIALS BOX ESSENTIAL Contains most of what is This box is known as essential for one's daily living the "survival box" Dish soap and dishtowel Cup, plate, fork, knife & spoon for each family member Toilet paper Garbage bags Flashlight, candlesticks or matches Shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrush, paste and floss Emergency kit Shower curtain PASSPORT Change of clothing and towel for each member of the family Important records: medical, passports, lease agreement, etc. Make sure it stands out from the rest by color & labeling so after the chaos of the move it can easily be found Computer-generated labels best help in a clear and organized move LABEL EVERYTHING Label boxes by area (Kitchen, Living Room, etc.) MAKE YOUR MOVE There are a variety of options for your first move out DO IT YOURSELF The most affordable option MAKE SURE TO HAVE • A dolly or hand cart • A rental truck • Friends who are willing to help YOU LOAD, THEY MOVE The mover packs and loads the truck, and the moving company hires a professional driver for the move Often the moving MINIMUM company will only drive the distance if the move 500 is more than 500 miles MILES This option is less expensive than hiring a full service mover Shorter moves tend to be more expensive FULL SERVICE MOVER Best if time is a concern, the move is a long distance, or there are a lot of extremely heavy items that may not fit into boxes CAUTION! Don't lift anything that may result in injury Be sure not to underestimate costs POST-MOVE Keep a few boxes of every size Keep a few box cutters and tape Recycle what you can JUST MOVED Sell or donate used boxes in good condition to help others with their first big moves WHAT TO BUY DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY, STAY PRACTICAL AND GET THE ESSENTIALS Plunger Dish towels A plunger can be one of the most important tools you will need in your new place Keep extras, these things can get dirty quickly Very important for all purpose cleaning and kitchen needs Often is over looked but can save the day when a plumber is no where to be found Get a bed (and skip the futon) A futon seems exciting for space saving however make sure it is not your primary bed to sleep on as it can lead to back complications Window blinds It is best to pay someone to install them Give immediate privacy A toolbox Spend no more than $200 on a rug Until you take care of your own place, the importance and value of a toolbox is Things will spill and shoes will rub unrealized Having one allows you to quickly fix small household problems Stick with an inexpensive rug to save yourself money and heart break further down the line One's first big move can be just as exhausting as it is exciting with no experience to draw from. However once things are done and squared away a wonderful new home awaits. Share this guide with any first-time mover as it may provide just the help needed to best relieve costly mistakes and unnecessary stress. Sources SELF ST RAGE SSFFINDERS Fastest Growing Self Storage Directory on the Internet 114

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Big Move

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This moving guide offers tips on what to do pre-move, during the move and post-move. The guide also explains the "survival box" and offers recommendations on essentials for your new home.






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