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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kitchen Worktops

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO: CHOOSING KITCHEN WORKTOPS MATERIALS SUPPLIERS FINISHES COLOURS Understand the jargon with our helpful guide! What are your options for kitchen worktops? Find out below: MATERIALS COST COMPARISON Materials vary in price, appearance and longevity. The most common choices indude: O Granite O Quartz O Ceramic O Wood O Stainless Steel o Laminate Granite Quartz Ceramic Wood Stainless Steel Laminate MOHS SCALE OF HARDNESS The Mohs Scale measures a surface's scratch resistance. The higher the number, the greater the durability. Although laminate is by far the cheapest material, it is also the least durable and can scratch, scorch and chip easily. Quartz, granite and ceramic are the most durable kitchen worktop materials, but this comes at a premium. 10 Granite Quartz Ceramic IWood Stainless Steel Laminate CREATING THE LOOK Granite and quartz worktops suit the majority of properties. Opt for a glossy finish if your decor is traditional, and choose a honed matt finish to suit a contemporary kitchen. Ceramic worktops are best suited to modern, contemporary properties. They can be manufactured to be far thinner than granite or quartz (as thin as 10mm), giving a modern and sleek appearance. Wood works well in a traditional Country kitchen. It can also be incorporated into a modern kitchen by marrying it with glass or steel. Laminate is a good choice if you have a limited budget. It also comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns! Industrial and contemporary decor schemes work well with stainless steel worktops. Teem with other materials, such as glass or exposed brickwork. ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES QUARTZ ADVANTAGES QUARTZ DISADVANTAGES Durable - can last for decades Minimal maintenance Easy to dean Hygienic - non-porous Good value for money Huge variety in colours/patterns Еxpensive Requires expert fitters GRANITE ADVANTAGES GRANITE DISADVANTAGES Expensive Requires expert fitters Durable - can last for decades Minimal maintenance Easy to dean Good value for money 100% natural stone CERAMIC ADVANTAGES CERAMIC DISADVANTAGES Durable - can last for decades Minimal maintenance Can be cut extremely thin Matte finish suits modern decor Expensive Requires expert fitters WOOD ADVANTAGES WOOD DISADVANTAGES Good for food preparation Water-resistant Suits a traditional decor Easy to cut/fit Prone to chipping and scorching High level of maintenance STAINLESS STEEL ADVANTAGES STAINLESS STEEL DISADVANTAGES Durable - can last for decades Easy to dean Suits modern/industrial decor Good for food preparation Inflexible - only suits one style Limited suppliers Prone to saratching LAMINATE ADVANTAGES LAMINATE DISADVANTAGES Low price Versatile Huge variety of colours/patterns Easy to fit Poor durability Prone to saratching and scorching Asthetics inferior to other materials THE BEST FOR. HYGIENE PRICE DURABILITY QUARTZ LAMINATE CERAMIC VALUE FOR MONEY FITTING MAINTENANCE QUARTZ GRANITE LAMINATE FOR MORE INFO, VISIT: A PROJECT BY MARBLE AND GRANITE LTD. M&G LTD

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kitchen Worktops

shared by Emmaclaire on Sep 30
How do you choose the right material for your kitchen worktop? Our infographic compares granite, quartz, ceramic, wood, stainless steel and laminate.






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