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Turn Up the Heat, Pump Up the Savings

TURN UP THE HEAT PUMP UP THE SAVINGS THE BASICS A heat pump is a closed circuit that moves heat ELECTRIC ENGINE from one place to another. HEAT OUT COMPRESSOR HEAT IN EXPANSION VALVE CONDENSER EVAPORATOR 1 When cooling, the heat pump's reverse valve is activated so warm air A fan pulls heat into the evaporator from its source (air, water, ground). This heat brings the system's refrigerant to a boil, transforming it to gas. UNDER THE HOOD inside your home is pulled out and released outside. 3 Once heated, the refrigerant moves to the heat exchanger The evaporated refrigerant moves to the compressor to be heated. where air can be warmed and pushed through your home's duct work. Then the cycle repeats. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Heat pumps may cost more upfront, but the energy-savings you will see year after year make them a worthwhile investment. PERKS OF THE PUMP High efficiency heat pumps are popular thanks to the major money and energy savings they bring. AIR SOURCE WATER SOURCE GROUND SOURCE DUAL FUNCTION Heating and cooling in a single system, so you only purchase and install 1unit Heat Pump Traditional Unit Operating Costs Operating Costs COMFORT BELLS & WHISTLES Heat pumps heat and cool consistently, so less cycling and no hot/cold spots If you're purchasing a heat home, it's worth considering these features for even more money & energy savings. pump for your EFFICIENT Moving heat uses very little energy, so your monthly electric bill is lower $4 Choose one with a 14-18 MONTHLY = SAVINGS EFFICIENT SEER and 8-10 HSPF to I HEAT PUMPS qualify for local rebates. GREEN SCROLL EFFICIENT As compared to Traditional ones, so Heat pumps don't burn fuel, which makes them more COMPRESSOR %3D LIFE SPAN opt for this upgrade. environmentally friendly Adjust based on heating/cooling need, reducing workload & VARIABLE DUAL MODE SPEED MOTORS COMPRESSOR VERSATILE energy use. Water can also be heated with your heat pump Do double duty by using "waste energy" to heat water. DESUPER- REFRIGERANT HEATER COIL HEAT RECLAIMER HANDY TIPS FOR REFRAIN FROM PLAYING WITH THE THERMOSTAT! HOMEOWNERS Drastically changing the settings makes your heat pump work harder & use more electricity, which dips into your savings. INSTALL A PROGRAMMABLE ONE FOR BEST RESULTS Check monthly, so your heat REMEMBER TO CLEAN OR CHANGE YOUR FILTERS pump stays at the top of its money & energy-savings game. CONSIDER THIS Before you buy, check out these lesser-known Ground-source / geo- thermal heat pumps If cold temperatures get extreme in your area, a back-up heat source is advised. The heat from a The more moderate heat pump is the climate, the less dehumidify better than air-source units. milder than that electricity your heat heat pump facts. of a furnace. pump will use. SOURCES GRIFFITH GBSJA ENERGY SERVICES, INC. %24 %24 %24

Turn Up the Heat, Pump Up the Savings

shared by Mediagistic on Aug 07
This infographic created for Griffith Energy Services shows why heat pumps are an increasingly popular and extremely efficient heating & cooling option. Why do homeowners love it? Because they save money!


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