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Trenchless Plumbing at Home

Trenchless Plumbing At Home: A Modern Approach to Curing an Age Old Headache Trenchless plumbing and sewer repair is changing the plumbing industry drastically. In recent years, this technology has taken over the rehabilitation of sewer drains. Let's take a look at the reasons why trenchless sewer repair is working for so many homeowners! 1 Two Options for Trenchless Plumbing a) "Pipeling" (also known as "Epoxy Lining" and "Cured in Place Lining") Using a balloon and some mixed epoxy resin, a new pipe is created inside the old one during a curing process. Only one hole is needed for this approach. BEFORE AFTER b) "Pipe Bursting" A new pipe is pulled into place of the old pipe, and the old pipe is crushed by some heavy machinery. Two holes are used in this process. Why Trenchless? a) Don't let old sewer lines ruin your property! Trenchless pipes can last up to 50 years and save thousands of dollars in other costly sewer repair methods. Best of all, trenchless pipes are corrosion resistant, with seamless design for a smooth flow! 3 Where/When to Implement Trenchless Repairs a) Long and deep lines make trenchless repairs more reasonable. b) Expensive landscaping that cannot/should not be easily replaced make trenchless repair the right choice. c) In the Street: If your locality requires you maintain the pipeline through to the street (like in L.A., for example) it is logical to use trenchless repairs to save countless time, money and effort digging up the road. 4 Choosing the Right Repair Technician is Key a) Ask around and get some feedback from neighbors, family members and friends. Make sure you choose a sewer professional who's got the experience to prove they do a good job. Plumbing Circle recommends going with a plumber who's been in the business for at least 5 years. b) Ask the right questions before making your decisions: Are these professionals able to clean up after themselves and protect your Are they using owned equipment? (Hint. Hint: this is a good sign) property from damage? Make sure they know about the products they will use on your lines, ask about warranties, and really get all the details straight before they go in. An Infographic by, MISTER S SEWER The Trenchless Repair Experts

Trenchless Plumbing at Home

shared by MisterSewer on Mar 25
Sewer drains have been the source of headache for homeowners for years. Typically running underneath the home and front yard, repairing any issues with a residential sewer line used to be a hassle tha...






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