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Top tips on how to get a good nights sleep

Every great day starts with A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP We all know the importance of a good night's sleep to get the best out of every day and live life to the full, but in this fast-paced world that's not as easy as it sounds. Regular exercise MAKES FOR BETTER Make your bedroom A HAVEN FOR SLEEP SLEEP Keep your bedroom cool, dark and well ventilated for the ideal sleeping environment. A supportive, comfortable mattress will keep your spine in alignment, relax your muscles and is vital to ensure you sleep soundly and wake up energised the next day. Exercising for around 20-30 mins a day is not only good for the waistline and the heart, but is also proven to improve sleep quality. Even fast-paced walking helps. Just don't exercise too close to bedtime. Increase your NATURAL LIGHT EXPOSURE KEEP REGULAR HOURS It sounds simple, but sleeping and waking at a similar time every day will help your body's internal clock adjust to a regular Getting as much natural light during the day as possible boosts melatonin production and helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Then avoid unnatural pattern and will aid a restful sleep at night. Throughout your lifetime this will keep you healthy and invigorated. light from TV, computer, and phone screens in the evenings. TRY TO STAY CURL YOUR AWAKE TOES This reverse psychology really can help. Challenge your body to stay awake and Curl your toes for a few seconds then let go. Move up the body, tensing and relaxing each muscle as you go: the leg and buttock muscles then the belly, arms, hands, shoulders and so on up to the face muscles, squeezing and relaxing your mind will rebel and sleep will follow Try keeping your eyes wide open and your body will eventually relax. Sleep usually comes when you don't think about it one by one. HUM TO YOURSELF BREATHE DEEP AND SLOW Close your eyes and focus on your breath taking long breaths in and out. Try to make each out breath deeper than the last. This mindfulness technique This yoga meditation creates a sense of calm. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, drop your jaw, keep your mouth closed. Breathe in deeply, filling your abdomen; on the out breath feel a humming sound reverberate through your chest. helps to centre you and take your mind off the day's worries. Every great day starts the night before ev9

Top tips on how to get a good nights sleep

shared by alexzazzle on Jul 16
We all know the importance of a good nights sleep, but making sure you get one can be easier said than done. This infographic developed by Eve Sleep shares some top tips on how to send you off to t...


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