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Top Ten Bed Styles for 2015

Тор 10 Choices for New Beds With a diverse range of beds available to choose from, it's important to consider the different design features of each type. These are the top ten options when looking for a bed that will combine comfort with style. #1 Adjustable Beds These beds can be adjusted to provide the best support for various parts of the body. Different parts of the bed can be raised or lowered into various positions. Adjustable beds are commonly used to provide relief from painful conditions such as backache and muscle stress, by providing the most comfortable sleep position. #2 Air Beds Inflatable beds made from heavy-duty urethane plastic and provide a very comfortable sleep. They are becoming increasingly popular with people suffering with a bad back or with an issue that is causing sleeping difficulties. The pressure in an air bed mattress can be adjusted to provide the required amount of firmness. #3 Canopy Beds These are similar to four-poster beds, with four corner poles supporting the upper section of the bed. The upper panels are covered in fabric and fitted with drapes that can be pulled together to enclose the bed. Fabrics such as wool, silk, velvet or voile can be plain, patterned or have a decorative finish. Since ancient times this style has been used in high status bedrooms. They are most often used in period homes with big bedrooms. #4 Divan Beds These beds are sturdy and functional as well as coming in a range of designs. The base of a divan bed is very sturdy and sits directly on the floor. It's attacked to the top half with a bracket. Often there is storage space in the lower part, with sliders, drawers or zips for opening up and storing items inside. Divan beds are generally made from wood and do have an integral headboard. #5 Four-poster Beds These antique-style beds feature a vertical wooden pole at each corner, supporting a high upper portion of the bed. Usually they are made from high quality wood, carved or shaped in an antique style. A four-poster is most suitable for a bedroom with an antique or luxury style of decor. #6 Futon Beds These traditional Japanese beds can be folded up to save space when not in use. They can also be used as seating during the day and are useful for a multipurpose room, guest room, study or small bedroom. Futons have frames made from metal or wood to support a slim mattress, which might feature a removable cover. They are available in a variety of colours and styles to fit in with any style of interior decor. #7 Platform Beds The mattress on a platform bed, which is also known as a panel bed, is supported on wood slats laid across a wood frame base. This allows better ventilation and flexible support. The mattress is allowed to breathe, so it will keep its shape and last longer. This type of bed can also be a smart storage solution, when space beneath the slats is fitted with drawers big enough to store blankets, pillows and other types of bed linen. #8 Sleigh Beds These attractively curvy beds look very different from a standard bed. They are designed for style and are made of quality materials, such as leather, wood and various metals. A sleigh bed can look good in a modern setting or a period setting. Sofa Beds 6# These multipurpose pieces of furniture provide attractive seating during the day and can be converted into a bed when needed. They are handy for small bedrooms, multi- functional rooms and reception rooms, where they can be converted into a single or double bed. Some sofa beds have storage space inside the base. #10 Water Beds Sleeping in a water bed reduces the amount of tossing and turning. The bed frame or soft supports a vinyl water chamber which can either be wave-less or free flow. The water inside gives support to all the critical points of the body and a water bed has many healing elements. It can provide pain relief for backache and is beneficial for anyone who suffers with asthma. Water beds are available in many different styles and can look good in any modern setting. Mattress lime HELPING YOU SAVE MONEY FOR OVER 20 YEARS %23 %23 %23 %23

Top Ten Bed Styles for 2015

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