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The Top 10 Most Handy Tools to Have Around the Home

The Top 10 Most HandyTools to Have Around the Home Owning a home means you need to own tools. It makes you self-reliant and also cuts down handyman costs Britsh People or an average sperd E7 billion each yea to carry out improvements and home repairs. The Claw Hammer and Nails Electrical Tester A mixed Set Screwdriver and Screws A good, solid hammer can be used for driving nails into wood as well as small demolition jobs. The classic 16-ounce hammer is the best. A good-quality mixed set of screwdriver that includes 1/4 and 3/8-inch flat heads.. No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips head drivers are must needed tools. A magnetic head will be very useful for picking up the loose screws. À great device for probing the electric supply. • A few more tacls that might make life easier Electronic Jigsaw, Plunge saw, Slid ng Mitre Saw for different kinds of cutting jobs. Tape and Level Measure Mechanised Biscuit Jointer for fixing wood pieces. Heat Guns for strip pa int, dry out damp wood, bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives, and thaw frozen pipes. Nai Guns for fast naili ng. Remember the phrase "measure twice, cut once." Taking accurate measurements can prevent wastage of time and materials. That's where the level and tape measure come in. Use them correctly and avoid un- necessary frustration. Utility Knife Adjustable Wrenches Any household job ill always provide plenty of things to cut and scrape, hundreds of tasks that cry out for the utility knife's super sharp blade. A crescent wrench and socket wrench are more important tools. They are required - for fixing or loasening nuts and bolts. They are also good to have around for large appliances like washers, dryers, and dish washers. Power Drills and Bits Vise-Grip or Locking Pliers Power drills come in two major varieties: those with power cords and those with batteries. The battery ones are handier. Make sure the drill you get has multiple speeds and is reversible. The reversible feature will come in handy if you need to take some screws out. Saws Needle Nose Pliers Vise-Grip or locking pliers are tools for plumbing. When you work on pipes you generally hold them in place with one set of pliers while turning the nuts with another set. A good general purpose Crosscut handsaw is useful for trimming branches off your tree or cutting lumber for a project around the house. You may also go for a circular saw, which is very handy for minor cutting and trimming work. Needle nose pliers are good for any household project which requires you to cut, bend, grip, or strip wire. A few more things that you might need in your DIY arsenal VaiBond BUCT TOOL BOX SAFETY GOGGLES GLOVES DUCT TAPE Keep all your tools in a nice, sturdy tool box. Protects your eyes from the Wood dust and nails while sawing and hammering. To keep your hands protected Extremely useful for certain and blister free. repairs. PRIMUS Sources: nttp://www.hameç ntp://www.thesundayt ors/artic e1 139859.ece nttp:// sential-tocls-for-a-toolbox/ http://rea nttp://

The Top 10 Most Handy Tools to Have Around the Home

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A home is one of the most costly things that people own, especially when you take into account things like the mortgage, home insurance, bills, furniture and repairs. There aren’t that many things y...


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