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Top 10 DIY Home Security Projects

10 DIY HOME SECURITY PROJECTS Burglary can't always be prevented, but you may make your valuables harder to find with a little creativity. Check out this list of the top 10 do-it-yourself home security projects to help you keep your valuables safe. GOLD PAINT 3 HOLLOWED OUT BOOK It might be the oldest trick in the Turn liquid into gold. book, but it works! What you need: An old paint can How to do it: What you need: A large book of no sentimental value, A box cutter 1 Clean out the old paint can and dry it out. 2 Put your valuables in the paint can and cover it with the top. How to do it: O Take the box cutter and start cutting a hole about 50 3 Store in the garage. pages in, deep enough to store the items you choose. 2 Store the items and voila! Complexity: Easy Budget: Complexity: Easy Budget: S CURTAIN POCKET HIDDEN WALL SAFE SOCKET Nothing better than hiding valuables in plain sight. This outlet isn't what it seems. What you need: What you need: Plug Outlet Wall Safe Kit (Purchase here:, Drywall saw Thick, dark curtains, Small piece of fabric the same color, Needle & thread (same color), Scissors (included), Cutout template (included), Safe key (included) How to do it: How to do it: 1 Simply take the small piece of fabric and stitch a pocket onto the back of the curtains with thread that doesn't Use the cutout template to cut out a piece of drywall. give it away on the other side. 2 Store flat items or cash. 2 Then, simply place the outlet safe into the wall and store small items. Complexity: Easy Budget: S Complexity: Easy Budget: S PAINTED MAYO JAR FALSE DRAWER BOTTOMS Keep your cold, hard cash away from burglars in your cold fridge. Hiding stuff in your drawers might not work, but why not under them? What you need: An empty mayo jar, A paintbrush, White or off-white paint What you need: Thin piece of wood or material matching the appearance of the inside of your drawers, Small saw/scissors How to do it: Wash out the empty mayo jar thoroughly. How to do it: Paint the inside of the mayo jar with the white or off-white paint. Don't leave any thin spots. Empty your drawers and find a small piece of wood or material that matches the inside. Let the jar dry with the lid off. Cut the piece of material or wood to match the size of the bottom of the drawer Store small items or cash! Store flat items in the compartment. Complexity: Easy Budget: 4 Cover the flat items with the material or wood. Complexity: Easy Budget: S HIDDEN SAFE PILLOW What's better than having some extra "cushioning" for your cash? .3 POTTED PLANT Hide and bury your "treasure" with this simple trick. What you need: A throw pillow that you don't mind cutting up, Scissors, Zipper (relative to pillow size), Thread the same color as the pillow fabric, Small box with clasp What you need: How to do it: Potted plant, Medicine bottle or watertight container 1 Cut one horizontal line on the back of the throw pillow, towards the top. The line should match the length of the zipper. How to do it: Place your cash or small valuables in the medicine bottle or watertight container. Take out the stuffing and put it to the side. Dig a small hole and bury the bottle by the potted plant. 3 Cover the hole and place a rock over the hole. Stitch the zipper along the line you cut with thread that ootches the materigl. Put some stuffing in the bottom, leaving a little room in the - other identifier middle and at the top. Store items in the box with the dlasp, then put the box into the pillow. O Put in more stuffing, surrounding the box. Fill the rest of the pillow until it looks full. I Zip up the pillow, and put it out in plain sight! Complexity: Easy Budget: S Complexity: O Moderate Budget: PVC DRAIN FAKE AIR VENT SAFE Store your valuables underground with this DIY project. In this case, what you see isn't what you get. What you need: PVC Drain, Drain plug, Drill What you need: How to do it: Air Vent Secret Compartment (Purchase here: Drill, Drywall scaw, Screws 1 Drill a normal drainage hole in your basement floor as if you were running a sewage hookup. Place your valuables in the PVC drain. How to do it: Put the PVC drain into the hole, then plug the end to help prevent bugs and dirt from ruining your possessions. Cut out a section of drywall. 2 Put in the compartment and fasten it with screws. Cover it with a drain. Store small- to medium-sized valuables. Complexity: Moderate Budget: SS Complexity: O Moderate Budget: Want to feel even more secure? Contact us today: Do these DIY projects in tandem with a home security system. Infographic by Sponsored by sk DKNEWMEDIA Protect Your Home ADT AUTHORIZED DEALER Sources O 6

Top 10 DIY Home Security Projects

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