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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Sod

Tips for Maintaining HEALTHY SOD GETTING YOUR SOD Of to a Good Statt Limit foot traffic on your sod for the first month following installation Familiarize yourself with the needs of your sod's turf grass species Mow the grass to 2 inches once the Encourage a thick, healthy lawn to reduce weed growth blades reach 3 inches PREVENTING BROWN SOD Water Your Grass Sod requires more water than an established lawn because it needs to develop a root system Keep the first 2" of soil consistently moist for the first week Wait to Feed New sod does not require fertilizer Do not feed your lawn for a month or so after installation Aerate the Soil Compacted soil can prevent nutrients from soaking downward Poke holes into the soil to promote the flow of water and oxygen Remove Air Pockets Your sod will struggle to establish roots if it doesn't have good contact with the ground Press the sod down or fill in empty spots with more soil KEEPING YOUR SOD HEALTHY Do Not Overuater Your sod's watering needs will slowly decrease as the grass establishes itself After a month, water your sod about once or twice per week Watch Your Pets Pet urine can burn your sod Stop dogs from urinating in your yard or water these areas more heavily Sod Appropriate Areas Trees and shrubs can block light and absorb nutrients from the soil Install mulch in areas where sod may not get enough sun or water PROVIDED BY: STARR Tur SOURCES:

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Sod

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Do your best to keep foot traffic to a minimum during the month after your initial sod installation! Find out how you can keep your sod healthy by looking through this infographic.


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