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Timeline of Cleaning Products

TIMELINE OF CLEANING PRODUCTS 2800 BC 1496 1500s ANCIENT SOAP FIRST MENTION FINER SOAP Yep, soap really does go OF THE MOP People started to use this far back! In Ancient Evidence of the mop goes vegetable oils such as olive Babylon, people created a back as far as the 1400s! oil, rather than animal fats, soap-like substance by boiling fat with ash But back then it was to produce much actually known as finer soaps. and water! the 'mappe'. 1800s 1837 1860 19TH CENTURY JACOB HOWE'S MOP DANIEL HESS' WINDOW WASHING Jacob Howe decided to CARPET SWEEPER Just a bucket of water and attach a handle to the mop Daniel Hess (who a cloth were used to clean - which was very handy obviously hated mess) windows in the early indeed (sorry!) invented the carpet sweeper, which used a rotating brush and had 19th century! bellows to help create suction. 1839 1893 1899 THE WHIRLWIND THOMAS STEWART'S MOP PETROL POWER Ives McGaffey created the Thomas Stewart came John Thurman invented a 'Whirlwind' vacuum along and improved the petrol powered version of cleaner, but it was very mop handle even further, making it longer and easier the 'Whirlwind' - but it bulky and required worked by blowing dust cranking by hand to create to use! (rather than sucking it) any suction. As if into a container. It was so vacuuming wasn't tiring enough! big it had to hor drawn from door to door! 1900 THE FIRST CLEANER INVENTION OF THE THE WATER When the petrol powered SQUEEGEE POLE SYSTEM Cleaning the windows of tall buildings was tricky and dangerous. Hence the invention of the water fed cleaner was invented, it The squeegee was would be horse drawn invented, but the initial design was made of wood. It was incredibly bulky, from door to door and people could get their carpets cleaned for just $4 heavy and 12 screws had to pole system - with a squeegee on the end obviously! per visit! be removed to change the rubber blade! 1901 1905 THE YELLOW PAGES CECIL BOOTH'S VACUUM VACUUM NOZZLES After door to door selling Hubert Cecil Booth created Walter Griffith became the and word of mouth, people a similar petrol powered man to thank for a variety could book cleaning vacuum cleaner (which of nozzles that could be services through books also had to be horse attached to the nozzle of such as the trusty drawn!) but the big the vacuum. The edges of Yellow Pages! difference was that the our rooms are thankful anyway! cleaning was actually done by suction! 1916 1930 SYNTHETIC DETERGENT CASTILLE SOAP PLASTIC The World War caused a The classic white bar of VACUUM CLEANER shortage of animal fats, soap was created in The first plastic vacuum and experimenting new Castille in Spain - and was invented - which methods of soap-making became known as... became the traditional resulted in synthetic Castille soap! model we are used to detergent being created in Germany. seeing today. Certain models even had headlights! 1936 1952 PLAY-DOH STECCONE'S SQUEEGEE THE CONSTELLATION Play-Doh was originally Ettore Steccone adapted Hoover created a hoover invented as a wallpaper the squeegee and designed a single blade, that hovered (what a cleaner, but it became mouthful!) above the apparent that the same and much more modern ground while it cleaned. material could be used for looking and easier to This was called arts and crafts and use squeegee. the Constellation. children loved it! 1974 1979 1980 SWIMMING POOL CORDLESS CYCLONE VACUUM CLEANER VACUUM CLEANER VACUUM CLEANER It isn't just our carpets that Black & Decker produced James Dyson invented a require cleaning, and the first hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner called the Ferdinand Chauvier vacuum cleaner - the Cyclone, which didn't DustBuster! It made require a bag! Instead it used... well.. let's just say invented a vacuum that worked in swimming pools! quickly cleaning smaller areas (and the interior of lots of science! cars!) incredibly easy. 1981 1990s 2000s HENRY THE HOOVER ADVANCED DETERGENTS STEAM MOPS The loveable character Detergents became way Mops remained pretty similar throughout the 1900s, with just the Henry the Hoover was more advanced, and ultra born, and quickly became fabric softeners were an icon in the vacuuming created. So all the 90s kids materials being improved world! It also always sure do know about upon. That was until looked a lot happier than us when cleaning comfy bedding! electric steam mops were invented - who would have the house... thought mops could get so techy?! ROBOTIC CLEANER SOAP MAKING DISPOSABLE With the rise of technology Whilst the white bar CLEANING WIPES (and laziness...) you remains popular, soap The detergent technology guessed it - a robotic window cleaner was making has developed was used to invent something that has become incredibly useful in home cleaning- somewhat and now all invented! Using magnets, sorts of smells, sizes, the robot sticks to the colours and creative window and migrates over shapes can be found! disposable cleaning wipes. the entire surface (while cleaning) all by itself. 2002 CLEANING WEBSITES USB VACUUM CLEANERS THE ROOMBA With the rise of the With the amount we love Although the first robotic internet, cleaning to eat at our desks, it is no vacuum cleaner was companies started to surprise that mini USB invented in 1997, it was the create websites that powered vacuum cleaners Roomba in 2002 that really allowed customers to book were invented! *orders took off! This vacuum a clean online. Just like one immediately* moved around the floor! and cleaned all by itself! 2005 2011 2012 THE SCOOBA CARDBOARD MOP SLIPPERS Mops did get more techy VACUUM CLEANER Mop slippers certainly took however, and the Scooba The world's first cardboard a STEP back in terms of was invented. This robotic vacuum cleaner was technology, but this fun mop works in a very similar invented by a university invention is perfect for a way to the robotic vacuum student as part of a lazy cleaner who doesn't project, but Vax loved the idea so much that they put cleaner, and mops the floor want to splash out on a while you sit back and robotic mop! watch TV! it into production. 2014 МОР ВАВYSUIT DYSON 360 EYE BOOK BY MOBILE For people who are too Dyson created the 'Dyson Smartphones and tablets lazy to even do that, you 360 Eye' to rival existing have taken over our lives, can now even get your robotic vacuum cleaners. and seem to be glued to child or pet to help out This vacuum includes a our hands! It is no surprise with the cleaning too! 360 degree camera to help then, that cleaning services improve its orientation can now be booked via an app! Just like the app! around the home! SOURCES + REFERENCES Find a cleaner, pay online, relax.

Timeline of Cleaning Products

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This infographic chronicles the history of cleaning products, from when soap was made by boiling animal fat with dust and water, to when hoovers had to be drawn door to door by horses, right through t...


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