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Termite Takeover: Understanding and Preventing Invasions in Your Home

TERMITE TAKEOVER PREVENTING INVASIONS IN VOUR HOME UNDERSTANDING AND TALLYING TERMITES' HARM TO HOMES U.S. b00,000 HOMES AFFECTED PER YEAR 5 GRAMS AMOUNT OF WOOD CONSUMED BY THE monDAY TUESDAY AVERAGE COLONY PER DAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAV They don't take a day off either! 1/16 INCH SIZE CRACK TERMITES CAN FIT THROUGH 300,000 AVERAGE SIZE OF COLONY 2 YEARS ***** AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF A TERMITE COLONY KINGS AND QUEENS CAN LIVE UP TO 30 YEARS-TWICE AS LONG AS MOST DOGS AND CATS! PEST PREUENTION CHECK PROPERTY ANNUALLY Identify and track damages Look for mud tunnels - Check for piles of termite residue • Hire termite treatment professional uvny 1-2 yuarS ELIMINATE EXCESS WATER, LEAKS E MOISTURE • Indoors •Outdoors • Foundation & Attic • Crawl spaces INSTALL BUG SCREENS Attic vents Foundation vents •Windows • Doors USE TERMITE-RESISTANT BUILDING MATERIALS Redwood · Cedar Juniper INSPECT WOOD DURING BUILDING OR BUVING •Saal cracks and scars • Fill crevices and joints • Paint complete surface DOn'T KEEP WOOD NEAR YOUR HOME Lumber Dead trees WELCOME • Firewood - Live shrubbery WEATHER SEAL HOME Siding · Window frames Bottom wall edges · Patios Fence posts KEEP UP WITH YARD MAINTENANCE • Trim back plant grown 3-4 ft - Keep branches dear of walls Sources: www.IM s.Vuausialiseus 1232/prevention www.ehow.comhow 4032 prevent-termites-naturally htmi www.doityourselt com/stry/keeptermitesoutf 2008 D0134.shtmi www.fzi.uni-freburg delinsectPestKov-long%20version/termit2 htm INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: www.CENTERTERMITEANDPEST.COM

Termite Takeover: Understanding and Preventing Invasions in Your Home

shared by BrittSE on Jan 29
Stacked firewood near your house, water leaks, and cracks are all invitations for termites to enter your home. Although 600,000 houses are affected by termites every year, you can mitigate your risks ...


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