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Ten Things That Will Melt Before An Access Door

TEN THINGS THAT WILL MELT BEFORE AN ACCESS DOOR MELTING POINT [ IN FAHRENHEIT °F ] ACCESS DOORS 2,500°F An access door is one of the best solutions for fire protection that you can invest in. Access doors are made mostly of steel. MICHELANGELO'S STATUE OF DAVID 2,442°F Marble is incredibly fire resistant. However, the most fire resistant mineral in a block of marble, calcite, is still outclassed by access doors. STATUE OF LIBERTY 1,981°F Standing the test of time for over 13 decades, this colossal construct has been subjected to all manner of destructive forces. However, the statue is completely made of copper. UNITED STATES 1,981°F QUARTER The quarter, which like most coins, can seem to be virtually indestructible, is mostly composed of copper. GOLD RING 1,945°F Gold jewelry is known for being physically malleable, but extremely durable against environmental factors like heat. 1,832°F ROCKWOOL INSULATION Rockwool is an inorganic material designed to be supremely fire resistant. BEER BOTTLE 1,832 °F While glass is an excellent example of a highly fire retardant material, it still does not compare to an access door. 1,675°F LIBERTY BELL Older than the United States itself, the Liberty Bell is yet another rugged piece of history that has withstood the test of time. It is made out of bronze. YOUR CAR 1,218 °F Aluminum is one of the most common car body material for lightweight vehicle construction. 930°F FIREFIGHTER'S SUIT A firefighter's suit is built for one thing: to allow a human being to walk into a raglng pillar of flame, save llves, and come out unharmed. It is mostly made out of kevlar. BULLET PROOF VEST 930 °F The Kevlar bullet proof vest is designed to withstand the heat, speed, and piercing force of a metal projectile, and leave the wearer virtually unscathed. PROTECT YOUR ASSETS AGAINST FIRE WITH ACCESS DOORS Do not wait until the government penalizes you for not properly protecting fire rated areas -- or worse, an actual fire occurs. Protect your business' facilities today with the right access doors. To learn more about the strength of access doors or to get yours ASAP, contact the Williams Brothers Corporation of America, the top manufacturer of access doors in North America. W

Ten Things That Will Melt Before An Access Door

shared by carlycs on Dec 06
When you think about fire resistant objects, your mind might first jump to a firefighters suit or rockwool insulation. Little do most people know, there is one thing that will outlast those objects an...


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