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Stress Reducing House Moving Hacks

28 STRESS REDUCING HOUSE MOVING HACKS Moving House is Stressful 2/3 People More Stressful than Who have moved A relationship breakdown, divorce or recently rate it as their most stressful life event! starting a new job. 3 Months Effects The stress of moving is prolonged, usually lasting Prolonged stress can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion and illness. around 3 months. It's More Than Shifting Boxes Whilst most of us focus on the packing and external physical pressure of moving, there are also psychological effects that we often don't recognise. These are commonly based around our feelings of safety, familiarity and routine. Relax. Here's some help... Before You Move FOR SALE Choose your estate agent and solicitor carefully Save up first There's nothing more stressful than having to account for unexpected When things get complicated or go wrong, having experts you can trust to help can do wonders for reducing stress levels. expenses on top of everything else, so get prepared. Maintain your routine as best you can throughout the move. The less it disrupts your life, the less stressed you will feel. Stress-Free Packing Wrap breakables in clothes or towels Get free boxes You can get loads from a local supermarket or shop. Save on bubble wrap and pack twice as fast! Label boxes on the sides KITCHEN (PLATES) You'll be able to see what things are even when boxes are stacked, and movers will get them in the right place. 11 Cut handles in the side Pack an overnight bag of boxes Make sure it contains the This should make lifting basics. This will be a lifesaver boxes easier. on the first few nights. Bag up small parts Keep drawers full Screws and other small bits It'll save packing and unpacking them. Use shrink wrap to keep them securely closed. should be placed in a sandwich bag, labelled and taped to the larger item they belong to. Screws Photograph electrical cable setups with your phone .Then use toilet paper rolls to organise the cables So you know what goes where on your TV or computer when you come to set it back up. Close To The Move 2456 9 Photograph your energy meter readings Defrost your freezer 24 hours before leaving is ideal. So you don't forget or lose them. Make moving day arrangements for kids and pets Plan a treat Make sure they are elsewhere for moving day if possible, so they are safe and happy whilst you move furniture in and out. Give yourself something to look forward to help ease feelings of sadness or discomfort about leaving your previous home. Settling In BEDROOM KITCHEN OFFICE BATHROOM Celebrate! Unpack room by room Mark the occasion, and take a This should make the task moment out of the chaos to feel more manageable. create a happy memory to look back on. Work on living areas first Get groceries delivered Get the rooms where you plan to spend most of your time straight first, then you can start to enjoy your new home. If you're busy, a food delivery is convenient and can give you more time to spend unpacking. Arrange your wardrobe Prioritise Doing this early on means you children's rooms don't have to search for items To give them a comfortable place they can enjoy. of clothing. Start cooking Get comfortable Familiar smells of favourite Unpack your favourite items to make yourself feel at home. foods access your emotions and make you feel more settled. Final Touches Clear the space Measure and plan Before you start positioning to save time and energy wasted by having to move furniture. things twice. Place largest furniture first Making sure it faces the room's focal point. Hang artwork and mirrors last Enjoy your new home! SOURCES:,,,,,,,,, Brought to You by: VIBRANTdoors

Stress Reducing House Moving Hacks

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you do, having to pack up all of your belongings, place them into boxes and hope they make it to their new home in one piece, and then you have to ...


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