Staging Your Home On a Budget For a Fast Sale

STAGING YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET 35 TOP TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOUSE FAST! CLEAN ... ... WASH PAINT WEED PLANT "Money is well spent trying to improve the property's appearance as this can facilitate a quicker sale" Brendan Cox, Waterfords Estate Agents TOP CLEANING TIPS OUTDOORS 0030 First Impressions Buyers make their mind up about a Front Door Front Garden Clean your front door. Sand and repaint if Remove all the weeds, mow the lawn, scrub necessary. Consider a new, interesting colour paving stones and buy some potted plants property in the first 30 seconds, make it count INDOORS Carpet Grout Windows Mix water and distilled Banish mould by Mix ¼ cup vinegar, vinegar (2:1), spray on the stain, cover with a making a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Apply to the ½ teaspoon liquid soap and 2 cups of water to give your windows a good scrub damp cloth and iron on a low heat mould and scrub with an old toothbrush FURNITURE Leather Sofa Microfibre Sofa Scrub with surgical spirit and a white Buff worn leather with the appropriate shade of shoe polish to sponge before fluffing the fibres with a hard revive it bristle brush PETS Any evidence of pets is a turn off. Pull hair from carpets using a squeegee and freshen up with an air freshener DECLUTTER ... .. HIDE SELL STORE CULL DE-PERSONALISE Be sure to remove any and all of your personal photographs. Buyers don't see them as fond memories, they only see it as extra clutter. TOP DECLUTTERING TIPS INDOORS Kitchen Bathroom Lounge Empty built-in storage Take all appliances off Remove ALL personal the counters and pack items from the bathroom and keep each shelf them away. Space sells (No toothbrushes, only half full hairbrushes, anything!) Bedroom Wardrobes should be less than 75% full OUTDOORS Weed and mow Remove empty plant pots and children's toys the lawn REARRANGE ... .... ... ... DEFINE ORGANISE DRESS DECLUTTER "Work out who is your most likely type of buyer. This will determine whether you present a spare room as, say, an office, a play room, a gym or a study. Phil Spencer, Property TV Presenter TOP REARRANGING TIPS INDOORS Dining Room Set your dining room table; use place mats, plates, cutlery and a small arrangement of Kitchen Lounge Re-surface an existing An overcrowded or dishwasher using sparsely decorated room is hard for buyers to laminate paper picture themselves flowers or candles living in Bathroom Bedroom Spare Room Make your bathroom feel like a spa with new Keep furniture to a Make them functional on minimum; bed, bedside the cheap. Buy or borrow fluffy white towels, tables and a dresser or a bed frame than dress candles and decorative wardrobe an air mattress with storage boxes neutral bedding. DECORATE Paint Accessories Present your house as a blank canvas by Group items in three using a unifying element: colour, shape painting walls a neutral colour or texture OUTDOORS Add Colour Add some fresh potted plants to bring life to your garden SHOWTIME LIGHT SCENT FLOWERS DRESS LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Show off your home at its very best and encourage buyers for form an emotional connection with the place TIPS FOR ENTICING BUYERS Final Clean Light Pets Open the curtains and blinds and turn on every Have one last clean Remove all evidence of before you leave the pets including food house light in the house and water bowls Cushions Bed Linen Flowers Make the bed and fluff A combo of white linen Grab a bunch of fresh up sofa cushions and colour co-ordinated flowers for the dining cushions and throw make table a bedroom feel welcoming Freshen Fake Bake Clean radiators with Simmer cinnamon, polish to make the vanilla and water to whole house smell make your kitchen smell fresh of cookies FOR SALE Sources Brought to you by: PRINCIPAL HOMEBU YERS

Staging Your Home On a Budget For a Fast Sale

shared by RFox91 on Oct 26
When looking for a home to buy, or rent you can often wonder how the previous tenants kept the place looking so clean and tidy throughout their stay. Well, we can tell you their secret, it's all stage...


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