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Some little known roofing facts

Some little-known roofing facts Did you know? SWITCH ROOFING MATERIAL CLAY ROOFS It's not always necessary to tear off your existing roof if you want to switch from one material to another? Your roofer often can lay the new roof right over the old one. Some clay roofs have lasted more than 1,000 years? COATED STEEL ROOFS REPLACE SHINGLES WITH TILES It's possible to get a coated steel roof that's made with up to 65 percent recycled material? If you replace shingles with tile, you'll need to hire a structural engineer (cost: $400 to $600) to determine how much extra reinforcement your roof needs to support the extra weight? 30 YEARS WARRANTY UNDERLAYMENT PROBLEM A 30-year warranty on an asphalt shingle roof doesn't mean the roof will last for 30 years? 30 If a tile roof springs a leak or has another problem, it's almost always because of a problem with the underlayment, not the tile? You need to replace the underlayment every eight to 20 years, and you can usually put your old tile right back on the roof over the new underlayment. years warranty Concrete wooden like INSURANCE COMPANIES You can get concrete roof tiles that look just like wood shakes-but they don't contain any wood, so they don't present a fire hazard? Some insurance companies charge more to cover a home with a wood-shake roof because of the potential for fire? And others won't insure it at all. Created by: Pioneer Roofing & Sheet Metal Address: 3305- Frick Rd Houston. TX-77086- Phone. (713) 425-6807 Resource:

Some little known roofing facts

shared by Pioneer-Roofing on Mar 12
Some very interesting facts about the roofs. Clay roofs, warranty, replacement, insurance and more..


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