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Silly Bathroom Facts

Bathrooms Silly Facts & Stats

1. The average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year

6-8 times a day.

Therefore, in an average lifetime we spend 3 years on the toilet!

2. A massive 75% of people use their mobile phone on the toilet, including texting, phoning, surfing the web and shopping.

This has taken over reading as the most popular activity to do on the loo!

3. 7 million mobile phones are dropped down the toilet every year.

4. 40% of people fold their toilet paper, 60% of people crumple.

5. Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper a year, enough to stretch to the sun and back!

6. Men

The top bathroom annoyances for men are when women:

get make-up all over the towels

Leave hair in the sink/shower.

7. Women

The top bathroom annoyances for women are when men:

leave the toilet seat up

leave toothpaste in the sink.

8. 85% of bathroom related injuries occur when someone falls into the toilet after the seat has been left up!

9. The majority of people like their toilet paper to hand over the roll, not under.

1 in 5 people get annoyed if the roll is facing the wrong way.

10. 70% of house guests snoop through other peoples bathroom cabinets and drawers!

Silly Bathroom Facts

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Ever wondered how long people spend on the toilet in their lifetime? Wonder no more! 10 funny facts all about the bathroom!


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