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Saving money with green home improvements

The "Green House" Effect Saving money with green home improvements Approx savings per year Wood Burner Loft Insulation 10% saving on bill Solar Panels £180 saving £100 saving Wall Cavity Insulation £140 saving Wind Turbine, £200 saving Air Source Heat Pump £650 saving Double Underfloor £170 saving Glazing Heating £50 saving Geothermal £600 saving Heat Pump Solar Panels Double Glazing Overall ratings out of 10 Overall ratings out of 10 8. 9. 6. 8. Cost EE Cost The average price of a 3.5kW solar system is £7,000 but prices start from as low as £5,500. Depends on house size but expect to pay around £5,000 for all the windows in a detached property. Benefits Benefits Cut your annual heating bills, maintain a warmer home, eliminate draughts, reduce condensation and slash noise pollution. panels reduce electricity bills, provide a Government backed income and slash home CO2 emissions. Maintenance Maintenance Little maintenance required with natural rainfall capable of clearing the surface of dirt and debris. Depends on the frame type. UPVC double glazing requires a simple wipe to remove dirt whilst wooden frames may need repainting. Savings Savings You can save around £100 on bills whilst earning up to £600 annually with the feed-in tariff income. You should save around £170 a year on heating bills whist cutting CO2 emissions by 680kg annually. Air Source Heat Pump Geothermal Heat Pump Overall ratings out of 10 Overall ratings out of 10 8. 9. 6. 7. 9. 6. Cost REE Cost Costs can range between £6,000 and £10,000 depending on the size of your home. But there is a grant to subsidise this. Typical system costs between £10,000 and £17,000, which is one of the most expensive renewable technologies available. Benefits Benefits Generate environmentally friendly heat, lowering energy bills throughout the year. Generate heat from the ground, reducing heating bills and being environmentally friendly too. Maintenance Maintenance Known as a fit and forget technology so maintenance isn't generally an issue. Known as a fit and forget technology so maintenance isn't often required. O Savings Savings You can save up to £650 a year on heating bills and cut carbon emissions by some 5,230kg annually. Savings range depending on your heating system but you could save as much as £600 a year on bills. Wall Cavity Insulation Underfloor Heating Overall ratings out of 10 Overall ratings out of 10 7. 8. 10 Cost Cost Cheaper to install into a new build and could cost thousands of pounds for a full house refurbishment. The average cost is between £450 and £500 for insulation throughout the home. Benefits Benefits More efficient than other forms of heating as heat naturally rises from the ground. The insulation helps to retain heat in the home, so you needn't turn up the thermostat to keep warm. Maintenance Maintenance Any repairs will need to be undertaken by a There is no maintenance required. professional but underfloor heating isn't prone to faults. Savings y Savings Not a great deal in comparison to the You can save £140 annually on heating bills, making payback as little as four years. installation costs and would be best as an upgrade solution. Loft Insulation Wind Turbine Overall ratings out of 10 Overall ratings out of 10 8. 6. 8. 8. 10 6. Cost Cost Prices range depending on size but expect to pay £2,000 for a 1kW microwind system mounted on the roof. Loft insulation costs around £300 but this can be repaid in as little as two years with the savings made. Benefits Benefits Retains heat in the home, cutting energy bills and increases the property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating too. Reduce your electricity bills, get paid for the energy you generate and even cut home carbon emissions. Maintenance Maintenance Require maintenance checks every few years, costing between £100 and £200 a No maintenance is required for loft insulation. time. S Savings Savings Entirely dependent on the size system you purchase and wind loads in your area. Speak to a professional for more details. You can save as much as £180 a year by inserting loft insulation. Wood burner Hints & Tips Overall ratings out of 10 for a greener home Green washing machines: You can reduce your energy bills on the environment with a green washing machine. Look for units with the Energy Saving Trust logo. burden 8. Cost Prices range but you should look to paying between £500 and £1,000 plus installation costs. Fridges and freezers: Don't purchase a fridge or freezer that's too large for your needs. This will waste electricity, pushing up your energy bills and increasing CO2 emissions. Benefits A carbon neutral way of generating heat, whilst reducing your energy bills at the same time. Maintenance Typically won't require much maintenance but clearing out the burner will improve efficiencies. Savings It's possible to save as much as 10% on heating bills, adding to thousands of pounds over the system's lifetime. Dry your washing outside: Hanging your washing outside to dry doesn't cost a penny and could even save you £50 a year instead of using a tumble dryer. Information sources: Energy Saving Trust Reuse plastic bags: Although this won't save you much money it's great for the environment. Instead of 08000 662 661 throwing bags away reuse them for shopping or even picking up dog poop in the garden. quotatis

Saving money with green home improvements

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Energy prices are continually being raised by national suppliers, cranking up your annual gas and electricity bills at an alarming rate. But there are plenty of ways to combat this hike in prices and ...




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