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Saving Energy

ENERGY SAVING ARE ENERGY SAVING IMPROVEMENTS REALLY WORTH THE INITIAL EXPENSE AND EFFORT? WE TAKE A LOOK THE COSTS VS THE SAVINGS AVAILABLE – AND SEE WHAT THAT EXTRA CASH COULD BUY YOU. Solar Panels Cost: Around £5,500 to £9,500 Combi Boiler Savings: Over £645 per year Installation Pays for itself: Around 8 years Cost: Around £600-£2,000 Savings: Over £400 per year Pays for itself: Around 6 years Double Glazing Cost: Around £4,000-£5,000 Savings: Over £500 per year Pays for Itself: Around 5-7 years Energy Saving Light Bulbs Cavity Wall Insulation Cost: Around £20 Savings: £55 per year Pays for itself: Less than 1 year Cost: £100-£350 Savings: £135 per year Pays for itself: Less than 3 years THE SAVINGS ENERGY SAVING IMPROVEMENT SAVING PER YEAR SAVING PER SAVING PER SAVING PER SAVING PER 5 YEARS 10 YEARS 20 YEARS 30 YEARS SOLAR PANELS £645 £3,225 £6,450 £12,900 £19,350 DOUBLE GLAZING £461 £2,305 £4,610 £9,220 £13,830 COMBI BOILER INSTALLATION £400 £2,000 £4,000 £8,000 £12,000 CAVITY WALL INSULATION £135 £675 £1,350 £2,700 £4,050 ENERGY-SAVING LIGHTBULBS £55 £275 £550 £1,100 £1,650 THINGS YOU COULD BUY WITH THE CASH YOU COULD SAVE 10 20 YEARS 30 YEAR YEARS YEARS YEARS ENERGY SAVING IMPROVEMENT A new kitchen 921 bottles of Samsung 40-inch flatscreen TV A new Mini Cooper Average price of a UK wedding SOLAR sun cream, PANELS enough to last 14 years Savile Row One full-body A year's subscription to Sky Movies Two weeks at Disney World for a family A bathtub full of Moet champagne with spare cash tailor-made tattoo DOUBLE GLAZING suit of 4 COMBI BOILER INSTALLATION 7 week trip to see the Northern Lights 140,000 Post It notes, enough to cover 10 average sized cars A personal chef to cook you one meal a week for a year Two boxes of Weekend break for two in a 5* London hotel Harrods" Swarovski diamond- studded chocS I1 CAVITY WALL INSULATION A pair of Eurostar return tickets to Paris A long weekend, Centre Parks Diamond studded football boots A cup of tea a day for every registered builder in the UK, for a week Ten of the world's largest pizza (2,000 slices) ENERGY- SAVING LIGHTBULBS High tea with champagne at Cloud 23, The Hilton, Manchester Return 110 hamsters 1,864 normal-sized bars of Dairy Milk 2,796 cans of Coca-Cola. That's an eight-year supply! flight to Amsterdam 1 Gold Flying course: Learn to fly a Tomahawk Cost of raising a child until they reach 18 One month-long grand tour of Australia Five weeks for two people in Dubai, in the world's most luxurious hotel ALLOF THESE Rolex watch

Saving Energy

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Find out what you can get from your savings from these energy saving installations


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