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Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home Infographic

ROMANTIC IDEAS YOU CAN DO AT HOME!! VALENTINES DAY CAN BE DIFFICULT TO ARRANGE WITH RESTAURANTS CHARGING A PREMIUM AND HOTELS BOOKED UP IN A FLASH, sO WHY NOT BUCK THE TREND AND CREATE THE ROMANCE AT HOME WITH SOME THOUGHTFUL AND CREATIVE GESTURES ORDER IN Order in for dinner and have it waiting for her when she gets home. Create a romantic setting by recreating a restaurant feel on the dining room table, complete with plates, silverware and cloth napkins! BONUS POINTS: For an extra romantic touch, add candles and a small vase with some flowers! START A FIRE In the winter, get a fire going in the fireplace (if you have one, obviously). Then, set up some pillows and blankets, and uncork a bottle of wine! BONUS POINTS: If you want to take things to the next level, have a romantic dinner sitting in front of that otherwise uneventful fireplace DRAW A BATH The bathtub is one of the most romantic household locales. Ensure that it is clean, then draw them a hot bath and add bath beads or bubble bath. BONUS POINTS: to make it extra special have a glass of champagne waiting for them too HAND THEM A HOT TOWEL While they're in the shower or taking a bath, throw your partners towel in the dryer for a few minutes. When they get out, present them with the toasty towel. It's sweet and thoughtful; they'll love you for it. BONUS POINTS: For extra luxury warm their slippers up too so that they have toasty feet BRING THEM BREAKFAST IN BED A classic gesture, breakfast in bed is the proverbial "oldie but goodie." Get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and prepare breakfast just the way they like it, with toast, fresh fruit, cinnamon buns, whatever. Then surprise them by serving it to her in bed. BONUS POINTS: to make the gesture even more special present them with a single flower along withthe breakfast.! FRAME YOUR STORY Write the love story of how you met on one page. Frame it and put it on your wall. BONUS POINTS: If you can say something super sweet when you hand it over to them you'll get some brownie points. MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY ARE ATA HOTEL Tidy the bedroom, Place a chocolate on your partners pillow so when they go to bed they have anice little surprise. BONUS POINTS: If you manage to make the towel animals you see in hotels and put them on the bedas an extra flourish, they will definitely be impressed. PAINT A ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE/APARTMENT Painting a room together can be unintentionally romantic. Not only are you knocking out a piece of home improvement that is nearly unbearable when performed solo, you're spending time doing something together that will improve your love nest. Pink Sexy BONUS POINTS: have a little but of fun and make hand prints with the paint on your wall before painting it over. BUILD A DEN Get some blankets and hang from the ceiling to create a tent space, fill it with soft cushions and throws and pop a bottle of wine. BONUS POINTS: For extra romance use twinkly fairy lights to light up the room and turn off the rest of the lights. GETTING A TELESCOPE AND WATCHING THE NIGHTS SKY FROM YOUR WINDOW. Take a look out into the stars and try to spot shapes and maybe even other worlds. What could be more romantic that stargazing with that special someone and seeing all those twinkly lights in the sky. BONUS POINTS: spotting a shooting star. Chocs PLAN MIDNIGHT FEAST Take loads of chocolate, and treats to bed at midnight with a scary movie and have a little feast to add some romance and excitement to your standard bedtime routine. BONUS POINTS: swap the scary movie for a romantic comedy for an extra splash of loving feeling. FRANKENSTEIN TITANIC LOVE TRAIL / TREASURE HUNT Make a little treasure hunt around the house for your partner. start with a message on the frontdoor that leads then around the house finding clues and eventually leads them to you holding a gift or with some other sweet gesture. BONUS POINTS: to make it extra special you could make this into some sort of proposal or trip,maybe have the tickets for a romantic holiday at the end? LEAVE LOVE NOTES IN SURPRISE PLACES AROUND THE HOUSE leave notes in secret places that you know your partner will find, in the sock drawer, in the wardrobe, on the fridge door. love you BONUS POINTS: leave little thoughtful gifts along with the notes such as a single flower or chocolate. SURPRISE YOUR PARTNER BY DOING ONE OF THEIR CHORES FOR THEM (And not something easy like carrying the shopping in from the car, but something that requires some time and effort – like cooking all the meals over a weekend, or cleaning the entire house. BONUS POINTS: do the chore you know they like the least and tell them they deserve a break. Why not try a few for yourself with your partner and make them feel special this Valentines day? |terrysfabrics Transform your home for less" %2.

Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home Infographic

shared by terrys14 on Jan 30
Valentines Day can be difficult to arrange with restaurants charging a premium and hotels booked up in a flash, So why not buck the trend and create the romance at home with some thoughtful and creati...


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