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Renovate or Rebuild

On the surface it might seem like remodeling your home is better than recycling your old When should you home and rebuilding a new home, but is that true? Here are some things to consider when deciding RENOVATE? REBUILD? between the two. or Reasons to Reasons to Renovate Rebuild • If you are satisfied with the placement of the home on the lot • Pervasive mold Water damage Pest damage • If you can afford to spend more money than you may recoup from the renovation • There is a need for extensive earthquake or wind speed or snow load retrofits • You're looking to sell and the market is strong enough to compensate for your initial investment • You want to add the most significant value to the home and property's worth • You can afford a higher cost of maintenance and operations • You want the lowest possible maintenance and operations bills WHAT TO CONSIDER when remodeling WHAT TO CONSIDER when rebuilding Your home is reasonably energy efficient, or its energy efficiency can be improved with minor renovations You want to add PV and the current roof won't support it Failing plumbing & electrical systems The plumbing and electrical systems are in good shape The tear-down can be recycled in your community, helping to offset costs Poor existing construction You are satisfied with the look and circulation of the current home Your home is in an area where flooding may be an issue If only one to two areas of the home need to be renovated (for instance, kitchen and the addition of one bathroom) Major foundation issues BATHROOM REMODEL BATHROOM ADDITION RENOVATION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST CONSTRUCTION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST $15,800 to $50,000 $29k $10.3k 34.8% $71,000 $40k 43.7* | 42% *NUMBERS CITED HEREIN ARE AVERAGES/ESTIMATE ROOFING REPLACEMENT SUNROOM ADDITION CONSTRUCTION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST CONSTRUCTION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST $18,500 $11.6k | 37.3% $72,200 $33.5k | 53.6% KITCHEN REMODEL GARAGE ADDITION RENOVATION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST CONSTRUCTION COSTS RESALE VALUE AMOUNT LOST $54,000 $37.1k 31.3% to $107,000 $64.1k 40.1% $48,800 to $80,500 $44k 45.3% $31.1k 36.3% Don't want to lose money? Try Rebuilding. YOU MIGHT BE LOSING MORE MONEY THAN YOU THINK BY HANGING ON TO YOUR OLD HOME. S&P / Case-Shiller Home Price Indices 24% When should you remodel? What does the housing market look like? 20% 16% 10 City Composite 12% THE MARKET IS STRONG Home prices climbed more than forecast in the last year, rising by the most they have in more than seven years. 4% 0% -4% The S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values increased -8% 12.1% from 2009 to 2010, the biggest year-over-year gain -12% since March 2006. -16% -20% -24% 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 THE LITTLE THINGS ADD UP Did you know you can recycle your old home? 100 ONE YEAR OF DEMOLITION DEBRIS 90 75 from demolished homes is enough to build a wall 30 FEET around the entire border of the continental United States 75-90% of a house can be reused or recycled and you get the cash/tax credit WIDE &HIGH if home recycling is available in your area. IF YOU DONATE THE RECYCLED IT IS POSSIBLE TO MATERIALS TO A NONPROFIT, YOU CAN COLLECT A TAX DEDUCTION BASED ON THE VALUE OF THE MATERIALS YOU DONATE (BRICK, WOOD, ETC) ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY Single pane windows, air which has used energy to be either heated or cooled escapes through the window MODERN MATERIALS ALLOW FOR MUCH MORE EFFICIENT HEATING/COOLING Modern multi-pane windows reflect the air back into the room without escaping through the window Radiant floor heating through sustainably forested flooring is much greener as well as cost-efficient than forced air heating/cooling So far this year, owners of older homes have spent %$750 MILLION MORE that's the cost of building 3,000 than owners of new homes on repairs and upkeep BRAND NEW HOMES! (AT $250,000 EACH) BUILDING A GREEN HOME ADVANTAGES In California, green certified homes sell an average of EFFICIENT INSULATION, WINDOWS, APPLIANCES LIGHTING AND OTHER HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT 9% HIGHER WILL LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS HIGH-QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS THAN REGULAR HOMES REQUIRE FEWER REPAIRS OVER TIME Between 2007-2012, green homes in California sold for an average of GREEN HOMES USE TOXIN-FREE BUILDING MATERIALS $34,800 MORE • Utilize natural ventilation and have fewer problems with mold and mildew than comparable homes • Bamboo, forest stewardship council (FSC) and reclaimed flooring protect against allergens and molds • Use environmentally friendly low VOC Paints - Paints which use water as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES Solar power Solar PV for residential home: ESTIMATED FIRST YEAR UTILITY BILL SAVINGS CURRENTLY, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GIVES A CREDIT WORTH 30% OF THE COST OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM $518 to $988 Homeowners of new homes can save up to 15% on homeowners insurance GREEN CERTIFICATIONS FOR YOUR HOME Building certifications that award recognition to buildings that meet "green" standards SEAL GANDILDIA NETZERO ENERGY BUILDING NATIONAL GREEN BUILDING STANDARDTH COUNCIL ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION" FSC OPERATION ANNUAL UTILITY COSTS 4 OLD $5,176 For a home built 50 years ago at 2,500 square feet NEW (GREEN) HOME $3,383 НОME On average, new homes save 3,449 KWH per year as compared to old homes. TYPICALLY RECEIVE A RANKING BETWEEN TYPICALLY RECEIVE A RANKING BETWEEN IN A NEW HOME, YOU CAN INSTALL MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCES HERS INDEX 125-150 0-75 X. Twice as icent (HOME ENERGY RATING) The lowers the HERS rating, the better! ANNUAL X MAINTENANCE COSTS On average, a 50 year old home of 2,500 square feet A 10-year-old home will cost approximately OLD HOME $19,000 580% MORE IN ANNUAL MAINTENANCE AND IMPROVEMENT THAN A NEWLY BUILT HOME. The following all help with keeping operation costs down Air sealing ENERGY STAR appliances | Insulated windows | High efficiency heating & cooling Low flow fixtures | Insulation High efficiency water heaters While some of these can be put into a renovated home, things like air sealing and high efficiency heating/cooling will never be as tight in a renovated home, as they are in a new home. Learn more about your sustainable building options PRESENTED BY blu HOMES * DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING GREEN

Renovate or Rebuild

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On the surface it might seem like remodeling your home is better than recycling your old home and rebuilding a new home, but is that true? Here are some things to consider when deciding between the two.


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