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Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling Ideas There are so many remodeling ideas for a homeowner. Remodelig can be an investment that increases the value of a home. Going Green • Adding Solar Panels Loft Conversion *Conveting a attic will reduce energy into a loft. costs Redecorating Painting and Decorating ideas can make a room look new. Sun Room New Bathroom • Adding new bathroom fixtures An Extension • Adding on an additional room. New Kitchen A New Driveway Landscaping To-do List M Make sure you prepare a budget for each remodeling project you take on. M Consult with a remodeling professional before starting the project on your own. The cost could be worth the professional June touch. 15 O Acquire Necessasry Permits. O Make sure that you know where all Planning a remodeling project is not the easiet thing to do. A great remodeling time line will help keep everyone on the same page if you are hiring mulitple contractors. electrical lines, water lines, and gas lines. O Create a time-line to finish the remodeing project. O Purchase starting materials for the beginning of the project. Also budget for material waste. SPECULATE TO ACUMULATE *How much people spend on home improvements? 36 30 24 18 12 Maintenance / Repair Home Improvements There are times where Home Improvements are remodeling is better than repairing home improvements. If you consider the costs of the a great investment. Improving areas in your home can bring a new Bedroom Kitchen Basement enviroment within a Bathroom Room Addition repairs and how much it home. costs to remodel, there Percentage of Budget Used might be a repair HOME REMODELING FOR HOUSEHOLD 43% 32% 21% 18% HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS REMODELED REMODELED REMODELED REMODELED REMODELED THEIR BEDROOM THEIR LIVING THEIR KITCHEN THEIR BATHROOM THEIR STUDY ROOM ROOM METHOD OF PAYMENT Cash is best. However, sometimes not always an option. Be smart about it. Remortgaging Personal Loans Credit Cards Remortgaging is smart if the If the credit card Taking a personal loan for a remodeling project is smart if the loan is small. has rewards there remodeling might be a greater benefit than a loan. increases the value of the home. If the loan has a If the credit card Bad idea if the remodel decreases the value of the interest rate, run! has a high interest, run! home. Who Knows a Contractor? | Copyright 2012

Remodeling Ideas

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There are all types of remodeling projects an ideas that a homeowner can create. This Remodeling Infographic visually helps a homeowner understand some of the improvements, benefits, and the best way ...


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