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Real Estate Agents - Hardwood Flooring Survey

REAL ESTATE AGENTS HARDWOOD FLOORING SURVEY Real estate agents are on the front lines when it comes to evaluating a home's features, their impact on property values, and their importance to potential buyers. One key selling point is a home's flooring: the material, be it hardwood or carpeting, that homeowners will be walking on every day. ON SALE WE SURVEYED 100 EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE AGENTS TO FIND OUT WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF HARDWOOD FLOORING AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE VALUE AND APPEAL OF RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES. 0% 100% CARPET HARDWOOD FIRST, IF THE REAL ESTATE AGENTS HAD TWO IDENTICAL HOUSES, one with HARDWOOD and one with CARPET, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM said they'd prefer to sell the one with hardwood flooring. BUT WHY? 72% said FLOORING was a very important area of the house for potential buyers, right behind the KITCHEN AND BATHROOM. In fact, people are willing to spend $2,080 MORE ON A HOUSE O. ++ TT ++ ON SALE if it comes with HARDWOOD FLOORING, according to USA Today and the National Association of Realtors.? THE REAL ESTATE AGENTS SAID HAVING HARDWOOD FLOORS INCREASES A HOUSE'S CHANCE OF BEING SOLD... 41% 48% 2% 9% BARELY SOMEWHAT MODERATELY SIGNIFICANTLY WE ALSO ASKED THEM: ABOUT WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE BUYERS YOU WORK WITH PREFER HARDWOOD FLOORS? 45% 2% 13% 11% 29% 0-20% 21-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100% "Hardwood is nicer to show from a "I have had buyers literally back out of purchasing a home if it did not come with hardwood floors." seller's perspective, has more options for staging, and doesn't detract from the price as out of condition, style, or color carpet flooring will." - Matt F. Omar T. 93% said installing hardwood floors IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. SO WHY DO HOME BUYERS LOVE HARDWOOD SO MUCH? THE REAL ESTATE AGENTS CITED THESE BENEFITS OF HAVING HARDWOOD FLOORING: HIGHER PROPERTY/RESALE VALUE EASY TO CLEAN CLASSIC CLASSY SOPHISTICATED BETTER FOR ALLERGIES FEELING OF WARMTH LONG-LASTING Not only did they say it was popular for these reasons - they said it would N SALE REMAIN POPULAR FOR MANY YEARS. THEY PREDICTED PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO FAVOR HARDWOOD: 65% 22% 1% 0% 4% 8% FOR A FOR SEVERAL ALWAYS FOR 10+ YEARS FOR 1-3 FOR 4-9 FEW MONTHS MONTHS YEARS YEARS "When a home has quality hardwood floors, the perception is always that the home has a great value." -Chris C. "Hardwood creates a timeless and elegant look. With proper care and maintenance, it will outlast just about every other feature of the house." - Ann R. WE DELVED DEEPER TO FIND OUT WHAT WE SURVEYED ABOUT HOMEOWNERS AND 1,000 PEOPLE HOME BUYERS and found their sentiments matched the expectations of real estate agents. THINK ABOUT CARPETING AND HARDWOOD FLOORING. HARDWOOD CARPET When asked to choose between identical homes with hardwood or carpeting, RESPONDENTS SAID THEY: 51% 3% 7% 12% 27% SLIGHTLY PREFER CARPETING STRONGLY PREFER NO PREFERENCE SLIGHTLY PREFER STRONGLY PREFER CARPETING HARDWOOD HARDWOOD ) IT MAKES SENSE, THEN, THAT AGENTS WOULD PREFER TO SELL A HOUSE WITH HARDWOOD OVER CARPETING. HERE ARE SOME REASONS WHY HOMEOWNERS AND HOME BUYERS FAVOR HARDWOOD. WE ASKED THEM: DO YOU BELIEVE HARDWOOD FLOORING OR CARPETING IS BETTER FOR... YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH HOMES WITH SMALL CHILDREN THE ENVIRONMENT Carpeting: 39% Hardwood flooring: 61% Carpeting: 17% Hardwood flooring: 83% Carpeting: 10% Hardwood flooring: 90% WE ALSO ASKED HOMEOWNERS AND HOME BUYERS HOW MUCH THEY THOUGHT HARDWOOD AND CARPETING IMPROVES THE FEEL, MOOD, AND AMBIANCE OF A HOME: CARPETING Vs HARDWOOD 48% 41% 34% 28% 20% 14% 10% 5% NOT AT ALL SOMEWHAT MODERATELY SIGNIFICANTLY Overall, homeowners and home buyers do appear to favor hardwood, and real estate agents' observations CONFIRM THE TREND TOWARD PREFERRING HARDWOOD FLOORING. SOURCES: [1] Survey of 100 real estate agents [2] [3] Survey of about 1,000 homeowners and home buyers LUMBER LIQUIDATOR$ INFOGRAPHIC AND SURVEYS CREATED AND COMPILED BY E DURABLE BEAUTIFUL

Real Estate Agents - Hardwood Flooring Survey

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We surveyed a combination of real estate agents, homeowners, and sellers about their preference of hardwood flooring vs. carpeting.


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