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The Psychology Of Space

The PSYCHOLOGY OF SPACE יקא TO DO Unfinished projects can take over our homes and leave us feeling annoyed and anxious – But why? Our Home and OUR MINDS "OUR MENTAL SPACE STANDS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO OUR PERCEPTION OF PHYSICAL SPACE" DONALD RATTNER, architect and author of Your Creative Haven: How to Design Your Home to Maximize Creativity, According to Science and History's Greatest Minds PHYSICAL BECOMES MENTAL Things we don't like about our home raise levels of cortisol, the stress hormone Too much stress can keep our body in perpetual fight-or-flight mode Over time, constant stress affects our BRAIN FUNCTION- and we can feel it HELP! PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL COGNITIVE Low energy. headaches. muscle pain Moodiness, feeling overwhelmed, loneliness Lack of focus. forgetfulness. disorganization WHY DO WE WANT TO HAVE A FINISHED SPACE? GE Order feels good, in part, because it's easier for our brains to deal with and not have to work so hard , CINDY GLOVINSKY author, psychotherapist, and professional organizer Projects and CHALLENGES UNFINISHED WORK Fixing a dysfunctional home space can be challenging · energy, or expertise needed to complete even "easy" do-it-yourself tasks - we often don't have the time, Starting and then putting off a project when an unexpected challenge arises can leave us in a cycle of procrastination and perfectionism Half-finished projects can quickly snowball into a mountain of work that can feel more overwhelming than if we dealt with them individually result I. WALL COLOR Colors can subtly affect our mood and can change how we feel in a Over half of Americans have painting their house on their to-do list space entirely POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CONNOTATIONS -Yellow Red Emotional OR Anxious Warm OR Aggressive Blue Neutrals Productive OR Cold Calm OR Unfriendly CHALLENGES Painting the right way involves potentially expensive materials and tools, home and wall preparation, and lots of time 2. OUTDATED KITCHEN More than I in 4 are looking to renovate or change their kitchen space Dysfunctional design can keep people from cooking and enjoying one of the most important rooms in their home WHAT DOESN'T WORK? CHALLENGES Moving plumbing. pipes, or gas lines are just the beginning – installing new cabinets. finding a functional layout, and choosing the right appliances can be tricky AND costly Lack of Storage Inconvenient Layout Broken or Old Appliances 3. DRYWALL REPAIR CALL A PROFESSIONAL! 25% of Americans need to fix Repairing drywall may be too complicated for DIY but many companies won't work on small projects or only a few holes or replace drywall in their house HOW HOLES HAPPEN CHALLENGES Moving Furniture Left After Home Repair (Plumbing. Electric. Roofing, etc) Mistakes from DIY Projects Wear and Tear Over Time Fix YOUR SPACE SMALL STEPS CAN GO A LONG WAY TO MAKING OUR SPACE WORK FOR US BUT SOMETIMES WE NEED TO KNOW WHEN WE'RE IN OVER OUR HEADS BE REALISTIC PLAN CALL IN BACKUP Analyze what needs to be done and be realistic about your knowledge. time, and energy– know what you can do and what should be left to the pros Make a list of exact plans. specifications, and materials When hiring an expert., be specific about what you want and how you want it done TIP Check off items as they get done - the sense of TIP Create a timeline and budget before any work begins TIP Consult with multiple professionals and compare quotes to save time and money accomplishment will create momentum to do more Fix YOUR MIND DECISION MAKING PEACE OF MIND LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE The satisfaction of fixing a problem gives us motivation to tackle other stressful parts of our lives When we fix up our space and organize what we have, we are letting go of the past – and creating an environment for the future Once our environment fits our needs and specifications, the work there is done – there is a sanctuary from the stress of a to-do list HOW WILL YOU TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SPACE AND YOUR LIFE? SOURCES presented by THEPATCHBOYS.COM DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING common Htome Design Issues

The Psychology Of Space

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You know how a pile of laundry can zap your Friday vibe? Your whole house and all your unfinished projects can do that, too.


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