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Protect Your Home From That UNEXPECTED Power Surge

Protect your home from that UNEXPECTED Power Surge One of the first things we buy when we bring home our 60 inch, 1080 HD monstrosity of a television is to buy a surge protector. We just spent two months' mortgage on a TV and we don't want a simple power surge to ruin it. A surge protector will prevent surges from destroying your entertainment system but what about your washer and dryer. Or even your fridge and dishwasher? The average home gets hit with The fact is, most consumers don't realize that they have more financial exposure of power surges to their appliances than they do to their electronics. over 20 energy spikes a day. Protect Your Entire Home, and not just your Electronics A regular surge protector will protect your computer and TV's but it won't help your washer or fridge when a surge happens. You need a surge suppressor to arrests these voltage spikes. Washer Dryer $800 $800 Refrigerator $1500 Many insurance companies give a discount for homes that have surge protectors. Microwave $200 Dishwasher $600 Hot Tub $5000 What Happens in a Air Conditioning Unit $1500 Normal electrical current in your When there are power surges, this is what the electrical current looks like it's the spikes that fry everything that is attached to the power grid: home looks like this: (Average cost of TV and Desktop Computers) $2,500 3 Most Common Causes of Power Surges ---...... Your Power Company Lightening Living Close to a Factory THE MOST COMMON • Lines Go Down • Transformer can blow • INCREASE in Power • Whenever a factory experiences surges or increase in power the surrounding homes will also fell the effects which could create •25 Million Lightning Strikes in the United States every year • Peak Season: JUNE, JULY AUGUST demands during the winter and summer months can also cause POWER SURGES. surges • 400 People are Hit by lightning every year On average, there can be estimated costs of around $8,000 to $15,000 HedgeHog wrth of appliances NOT PROTECTED in the event of a power surge. ELECTRIC

Protect Your Home From That UNEXPECTED Power Surge

shared by hedgehogelectric on Apr 08
The infographic explains the 3 most common causes of power surges and the cost associated with the items that we sometimes forget to protect.


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