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Private Eye - Privacy is a Policy

PRIVATE EYE Privacy is a good thing, not just for you, but for your home as well. Thieves rely on their eyesight and would devise plans based on what they see. So there's a good chance they wouldn't be successful in breaking into your home when your windows and doors are secured. But how exactly can you efficiently secure your home's privacy? PRIVACY IS A TOUGH LUCK! POLICY HOUSEHOLD CRIMES BY THE NUMBERS! 72 CRIMES ONLY 4 MILLION 1,371,000 RECORDED BYTHE 9.5 MILLION TOTAL INCIDENTS OF HOUSEHOLD CRIMES IN UK ОТHER HOUSEHOLD THEFTS PER 1000 POPULATION 701,000 POLICE INCIDENTS OF BURGLARY THE ENTRY POINTS FRONT BACK 2% 4% 6% 9% 22 23% 34% back door windows front door 2nd floor window basement storage areas garage 23% OF BREAK-INS ÅRE THROUGH THE WINDOWS WATCH YOUR WINDOWS! 2,024,000 RECORDED VÁNDALISM LACK OF PRIVACY EASY TARGETS FOR SIMPLE ACTS OF PROPERTY DAMAGE AND VISIBILE INTERIOR IS ONE OF THE PRIME TARGETS FOR BURGLARIES AND OTHER HOUSEHOLD CRIME CASES IN UK ON 2012 WHY FOCUS ON WINDOWS? Doors are the most obvious points of entry for anyone and they're also the easiest to secure. Deadbolt locks can easily be installed on your doors and they are enough to significantly increase their safety. Not to mention, you can't exactly look through a door and see the inside. The fact is, windows are extremely vulnerable as it is easily broken into. They also give thieves a good view of the inside of the house-what good things to steal and where they are located. The only thing that makes burglars more likely to use doors is because people forget to lock them most of the time. WHY PRIVACY? PRIVACY FOR SAFETY NO ONE SAVE KNOWS MONEY SAFETY YOUR AND SECURITY YOUR HOUSE BETTER BY MAKING A GOOD GUARANTEED. KNOWING YOU THAN YOU DO! QUALITY INVESTEMENT ARE SAFE ASSURES A HIGHER LEVEL OF SATISFACTION CHOOSE YOUR SECURITY SOLUTION one of the most well known solutions for your home safety one of the cheapest security equipments you can find in the market a roller shutters when shut tight, prevents burglars from entering your window ----- external roller shutters protects your windows from damages they serve as deterrents, preventing potential crimes from happening window alarms/sensors are really easy to install and available in any electronic store --------------- Blocks out noise and vision from the outside, giving you privacy they provide reviewable footage in case a crime had been committed within your vicinity ----------- alarm sensors can ward off burglars when the alarm activates it provides more benefits other than security and protection, it even adds aesthetic value to your home ---- window alarm sensors can when placed strategically can cover a wide area of your property, saving money in the process detect when a window is broken roller shutters are a bit more expensive than other security solutions installing security cameras is a good way to protect your property, but it may not be enough. It doesn't stop anyone from committing a crime. a window alarm sensor can detect damage and when the window is broken into, but it won't prevent it from happening. An alarm sounding off won't stop a dedicated burglar from taking what- ever he have on reach security cameras won't protect your property from being damaged, especially from accidents it can detect, but will not prevent damages done accidentally, The fact is, most people already know that when it come to security, security cameras and alarm systems is the way to go. But really, if you want total protection, installing a roller shutter will be a better option. Here are some additional facts about roller shutters ROLLER SHUTTERS PREVENTS OFFERS Privacy is very important, as most household crimes are This is the primary purpose of a roller shutter. Security. It completely blocks out and prevent anyone from entering through your window. committed due to lack of privacy. Knowing that you are safe from the prying eyes of passersby gives you a sense of security and comfort. OTHER BENEFITS (O) roller shutters protects your window from harsh weather. Securing your window from strong winds and storms. you can control the light coming in from the outside. Protecting you from the harsh UV rays coming from the sun. good quality roller shutters cómes equipped with CFC free foam providing good insulation by locking in heat and keeping the room warm during cold weather. another form of protecting your privacy is blocking out noise from the outside. Especially in high density ăreas. DID YOU KNOW? ROLLER SHUTTERS ARE EQUIPPED WITH INSULATORS, AN AVERAGE OE WITHOUT PROPER INSULATION, 20% OF YOUR TOTAL ÉLECTRIC BILL IS DUE TO IMPROPER WINDOW DESIGN 50% OF YOUR HEATING COSTS IS LITERALLY BEING THROWN LOCKING IN HEAT AND CUTTING YOUR EXPENSES ON OUT OF THE WINDOW ELECTRIC BILLS 4. SECURITY AND SAFETY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DESERVE IT ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THAT WHEN IT COMES TO SECURITY, FINDING THE RIGHT SUPPLIER THAT PROVIDES QUALITY EQUIPMENT SHOULD BE YOUR TOP PRIORITY SOURCES: UTIP:/WW.ONS.GOVUKONS/REL/CRME-STATS/CRIME-STATISTICS NATIONWIDE HOME INNOVATIONS HTTP://WWW.NATIONWIDELTD.CO.UK/SECURITY-SHUTTERS HTTP:/WWW.ENERGYSAVINGTRUSTORG.UKINSULATIONWINDOWS ----------------!----

Private Eye - Privacy is a Policy

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Not all criminals are like Moriarty but would you take the chance when statistics say burglaries and break-ins are quite common? The best way to defend yourself is to know how these criminals think.


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