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Preparing Your Home for Winter INFOGRAPHIC

Preparing Your Home FOD WINTER 10 Energy Saving Tips for the Cost Cutting Home Owner Check all the insulation in your walls and attic Place foam insulators behind light switches and outlets On average, 45% of a household's energy use goes toward space heating. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your home retains as much heat as Most people do not realize that the faceplates of light switches and power outlets are extremely thin, and allow much heat to escape the home. Insulate behind these for extra savings! possible. Insulate hot water lines & set the temp to 120° Move furniture away from vents Easy enough! Don't allow poorly placed furniture to block the flow of heat out of vents 18% of household energy consumption is used toward water and into your home. heating. Properly insulating the pipes is key to preserving heat and decreasing the price of your gas bill! Seal drafty windows and doors with weather stripping Install a programmable thermostat. Windows that allow an excessive amount of heat Use a programmable thermostat to automatically to escape can cause an increase of 10-25% a month on your gas bill. Put windows with turn down the heater when you're at work or sleeping. When low-emittance coatings that reflect heat back in. 're out of the you house, there is no need to keep the heat running! Use energy efficient. LED light bulbs Shut the damper on your fireplace. Many of us forget that an unused fireplace is essentially a giant hole in your roof for warm air to escape through. LED bulbs offer the same light quality as traditional incandescent bulbs, yet last 25 times longer than them. They also use less energy than CFL bulbs. Plug home electronics in to power strips Invest in energy-saving appliances Rather than directly into the wall, use power strips While these appliances may be more expensive intially, ENERGY STAR appliances will save you & turn them off when the electronics are not in use. money each month for the next 10 to 20 years. BROMIC Sources: HEATING

Preparing Your Home for Winter INFOGRAPHIC

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Learn how to winterize your home from the experts in electric and gas heating, Bromic Heating. These 10 energy-saving tips will help keep you warm while saving you money at the same time.


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