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Pet Damages: How Much Your Pet Costs You

Pets What's the Cost of Your Little Buddy's Mischiefs? Pets or Pest? A Simple Calculation.- Of Aussies & Pets 12 million Aussies are associated with pets Australia 4.7 million Australian households own pets Successful women with children and We Love Our Pets careers are the major carer of pets. 53% of the Aussies who don't currently have a pet would really love to get one. Pets are inseparable part of 83% of Australian kids' childhood Destruction at a Glance How? Over the years a pet can cause damages estimated at roughly $600 to its owner's property Researches indicate that even though dogs and cats are mainly responsible for household damages, rabbits, snakes, hamsters and guinea pigs are also capable of wrecking havoc. 1 in 20 of these little guys were responsible for major destruction at their owner's home. The Damages: Scratched or thorn curtains and chewed cables are amongst the most common damages included in a pet owner's repair list. 43% of the Australian Pet owners were forced to repair or replace their sofas at ſeast 50% of the participants in the survey have had their chairs damaged Home plants, lawns and gardens are also victims to pets. 1/4 of every Aussie with a cat or a dog will attest to this. once. Carpets are a regular victim of pet abuse. From scratching to chewing they get ruined very often. Pet stains on carpets and rugs require professional care and attention! The Total: Stolen Items & Food - $60 Professional Cleaning Replacing or Repairing Furniture Roughly $170 are paid for professional cleaning supplies or even professional services such as carpet cleaning. $260 for furniture repairs and replacement. Pet owners change their upholstery more often than the rest of the Aussies. Fixing Broken Items - $180 $270 Tips to Prevent Damages: To Remove Pet Smell Sprinkle generously baking soda on the rug/carpet and let it sit overnight. Vacuum clean on the following morning. Baking soda absorbs smells, so you won't have from Carpets/ Rugs To Put an End to Scratched Surfaces Window sills, furniture (especially sofas and chairs) are tempting scratching posts. Make sure you provide plenty of alternatives like kitty condos and scratching posts Pets get bored easily, especially if left unattended. To Minimize the Havoc make sure you furry friend doesn't feel neglected make sure you provide hím with plenty of toys at easy-to-reach spots. This way he won't feel tempted to cause destruction No matter what kind of a pet you have, you need to house- train him as early as possible. Also, you should consider teaching him not to climb on the furniture. Set boundaries. House Training Sources: Pantastic Cleaners CARPET

Pet Damages: How Much Your Pet Costs You

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12 million Aussies have pets. We all love them and care for them. However, have you ever considered how much your pet costs you. Broken glasses, scratched furniture and ruined carpets are just the tip...


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