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Pest Controlling Techniques for Organic Gardens

Pest Controlling Techniques for Organic Gardens Gardens are areas of your house that are considered a main attraction to pests, as they can get everything from a garden. This doesn't mean that you should not grow your own organic garden or should get rid of the garden you've spent years growing. 80% of American Homeowners are concerned about pests in their home. Around 35 diseases are caused by rodents worldwide Lets control the invasion of Pests by following some organic pest controlling methods: 1. Regular Garden Cleanup and Maintenance Make sure your garden is free from already infected plants. Remove all sorts of debris and weeds from your garden. Try to water the soil instead of the plants as moistened leaves are more likely to get infested and are more prone to damage caused by fungus. 2. Floating Row Covers Row Covers are either supported by wire hoops, dug inside soil to get a firm protection cover or are just left loose over any plantation. 3. Natural Repugnant Garlic, onions, plant basil, rosemary, catnip, lavender are all considered natural ways to produce some repulsive odors.You can use such moderate and natural controlling techniques, when a pest infestation in your garden has not spread to a very large extent. 4. Sticky Traps The placement of these sticky traps should be done according to the extent of pest infestation. There are particular colors for different pests, make sure you choose the right color or consult a professional. 5. Insecticidal Soap and Oil Sprays A test spray over a small plantation or a leave should be done before applying it all over.Oil sprays are generally used in controlling common garden pests and should also be applied to the pests directly, in order to avoid any plant damage. B&C Pest Contrel

Pest Controlling Techniques for Organic Gardens

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Gardens are the areas of your house that are considered as a center of attraction for pests. Follow the guidelines to control your pest problems for your organic gardens.




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