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Pellet Stoves are AWESOME

: PELLET STOVES ARE AWESOME Good for your wallet. Good for the environment. Free standing or insert Fueled by "BIOMASS" PELLETS solid-fuel burning 85% EFFICIENT ** residential heating* More than 0% 1 MILLION Net carbon released into the atmosphere* currently heating with pellets in the US CARBON NEUTRAL Becoming a popular alternative to fossil fuels * Pellet Fuels Institute ** ANATOMY OF A PELLET Efficient marvels of renewable energy Typical Pellet Composition Pellets are uniform cylinders of composite biomass fuel that are loaded into the stove hopper and "automatically fed" into the stove burn pot, creating a steady, warming fire. Typically produced domestically, 50% 28% 17% 5% their composition varies depending on regional resources. sawdust waste paper residual forest waste agricultural by-products Biomass can make A TON of difference Pellet stoves already saving 4.5 MILLION TONS of carbon emissions 1.5 TONS PELLETS LESS Each installation of a pellet or wood appliance in a single-family home in a cool climate can displace about 1 TON 9 TONS OF CARBON** emissions annually Carbon Emissions That is about three times the impact of buying a hybrid car, for roughly half the cost * Pellet Fuels Institute *** Why your LEFT brain likes it Why your RIGHT brain likes it The rational left brain loves saving money. And when it sees all the money saved by making the switch, your pellet stove will have a huge new fan. What will you do with the money you'll save on heating bills, you extremely intelligent, eco-conscious citizen, you? Heat your home. Take care of your home planet. Using a pellet stove can do both. Biomass fuels are constantly replenished and reforested and absorb nearly as much carbon growing as they give off when burned. The result is a virtually invisible carbon footprint and a warm, cozy home. 44% lessoil 47% than/ less than 53% less than E CARBON NEUTRAL propane* Electrical heat 2-5 YEAR payback Recycled Renewable * Pellet Fuels Institute - Compare Fuel Costs as of 1/2013 RATIONAL EMOTIONAL MAKE BOTH SIDES OF YOUR BRAIN HAPPY Switching to a pellet burning stove or insert is just as sound ecologically as it is economically. So instead of calling the idea no brainer, perhaps it should be called an "all brainer". Anyway you look at it – it's just plain smart. HARMAN QUADRA-FIRE NOTHING BURNS LIKE A QUAD BUILT TO A STANDARD, NOT A PRICE appliance

Pellet Stoves are AWESOME

shared by HearthnHome on Mar 25
Good for your Wallet. Good for the Environment. Check out this infographic and you’ll see exactly why you need a pellet stove.


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