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Nest Product Design

nest PROBLEM HOME ENERGY USE Space Heating Lighting, Refrigerators. & Large Appliances Water Heating Major categories of household electricity consumption includes large appliances, lighting, heating, and air conditioning. These systems are used heavily, wasteful in their power use and costly Air Conditioning 6% 23% 62% over time. Most of these appliances are considered "set and forget" types; refrigerators, air conditioning, and lighting in the house are rarely fine-tuned for energy savings. Often this is simply a result of a time investment the owner can't make * Source: US. Energy Information Administration because the appliance is "dumb." POOR HARDWARE Cool Setting Not only are appliances energy-inefficient, but they can be quite difficult to control. Indoor 6:30PM Enter the common thermostat. At first glance, there are numerous buttons and several menu HOLD choices to navigate through. The device becomes more enigmatic when a user would like to accomplish a simple feat - turning the temperature down to 70°. What button do you use? Arrows, "Hold", "Set", or "Cool" look as if all could perform the same action. The only input necessary is a temperature, so why can't that be the only input? System More Set Clock/Day Schedule Fan Auto Cool HALF OF THE ENERGY BILL A thermostat alone controls nearly half of the energy used at home. Having the right one makes a large impact on individual and population-wide scales. You save money, Nest saves the planet. Win - win. 144 NEST DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE Nest products are created to make living life easier. The world is becoming a smarter place and a house should reflect that. The following products change the way a home is maintained with energy efficient and financially savvy devices. They can detect changes in the environment as well as pick up habits of the homeowners. Welcome to the new home. NEST CLIMATE 00 00 nest IN 20 MIN 72 nest CLIMATE, CONTROLLED IN 20 MIN 72 The simplest thermostat ever made. SMARTER MEANS Learning. Immediately after installation, the Nest Climate is listening. Heating or cooling, it knows what you want before you want it. It runs thorough energy use analytics, too. HEATING COOLING ANALYTICS nest nest nest Eegy Ue La Seen Deyn IN 20 MIN IN 20 MIN 76 68 ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL A solid, stainless steel ring controls the Climate for an extraordinarily simple user experience. NEST SOURCE > NEST SOURCE nest 1 LIVING ROOM Control your entire lighting system from one central location. Edit 36% slider options, create rooms, and optimize lighting for a more satisfying, energy efficient I EDIT HOOM SETTNGS solution. STAY INFORMED Analytics provide data to continue to refine the home's energy use and save even more over time. Plus, what other light switches know how long they've been on? nest Energy Use (Last Week) 100 80 60 40 20 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun NEST EGG > AN EGG NEEDS SAFETY AND SECURITY. SO DOES YOUR HOME. The Nest Egg doesn't sleep, it waits. nest OLD GUARD EGG AWAY TEST 2 3 STATUS 4 5 6 8 9 ARM Honeywell Clunky, outdated control makes the experience an unnatural one. Easy, programmable visuals make usage a cinch. THE EGG IS WATCHING Sleep safe knowing there is someone watching over your family. The egg actively guards the home and can connect with appropriate outlets in case of emergency. NEST COMMAND nest nest COMMAND Climate 72 Source Egg all 3G 10:00 AM nest COMMAND BIRD'S EYE VIEW Climate Access every Nest device in the house, right from a smartphone. Control the lights, security, and temperature from anywhere in the Source world. Egg A COMMAND POST THAT GOES WHERE YOU GO At the library, on the bus, anywhere, Nest follows. nest COMMAND nest COMMAND Climate Climate Source Source Egg Egg nest CLIMATE THE AVERAGE HOME Has 10+ light switches, a thermostat, and alarm system. You only need one smartphone. 72 FUTURE THE AGE OF SMART APPLIANCES IS HERE Competitor Overview LUTRON. LUTRON A company built on innovative design. Their products are created to make lighting in commercial and residential applications a cinch. Lutron builds solutions ranging from fluorescent lighting to remote control shading as an end to end company for any possible lighting situation. sest The nest wave in technology is coming. It will be a company at the tip of the spear of intelligent homes. Energy saving is just the beginning, where new appliances can more effectively do their jobs in the home. Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves; the list is endless. Machines that save electricity, water, heat, preserve foods more effectively, and simply make the job of the homeowners easier.

Nest Product Design

shared by bryan.knouse on Feb 19
This infographic was an application for a design fellowship. The task was to redesign a company's product, and I chose to create two new products for Nest. These products, the Nest Source and Nest E...


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