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Need Good Luck? Feng Shui Your Home!

FENG SHUI YOUR HOME Bathroom Laundy room Kitchen Master bedroom Guest bathroom Linen closet Dining room Bathroom Bedroom Study Living room Foyer closet 2-car garage Front yard BAGUA QUADRANTS A FIRE 6 WATER O WoOD EARTH METAL Primary WEALTH AND PROSPERITY Nourished by This area should be decorated with elements that influence wealth, such as: Live, colorful plants Fountains or Red and purple pictures of moving water colors For a kitchen in wealth area: Don't paint green (color of instability) and never leave out dirty, "empty" dishes in Wealth area. Primary FAME AND REPUTATION Nourished by This area expresses the essence of who you are and what you want to bring to the world. Colors of bright reds, oranges, and yellows ndles or a fireplace For a laundry room or bathroom in Fame area, don't keep dirty, "unpresentable" items out, and keep lid to washing machine and dryer closed Primary LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS Nourished by This area should emphasize the energy you desire in your future or current relationship. Colors of red Tall light fixtures Art should express and pinks ideas of love and ideal relationship For a bedroom in the Love quadrant, you want to keep out pictures of children or friends "out" of your relationship. No TV or desk to distract you, either. Primary CHILDREN AND CREATIVITY This area should reflect your creative energy, as well as supportive energy towards your children. Nourished by Art that Round art or Soft pastel and white colors inspires you pictures of children For children's bedrooms, corner and desks in the "Relationship" area of the books in the "Wisdom" room to connect them to their studies! CENTER Primary This area is the center of your home and as an energy vortex, works much like the human heart to direct the flow of energy throughout your house. Art that represents a harmony between all five elements would be good for this area, for example: a small bamboo fountain (Wood and Water) with a red ribbon tied around the bamboo (Fire) and stones (Earth) and metal coins in the basin (Metal) of the fountain. Primary HEALTH AND FAMILY This area should focus on all areas of Nourished by your family and it's health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You want to have happy, healthy colors like blues, vibrant greens, with touches of bright colors and brown, earthy tones. This area should be enhanced with decor that reflects harmony and calm energy in order to bring peace to the family. A comfortable Lots of light and mirrors Colors of blue and center rug vibrant greens In a living room, don't put too many cushions on a seat, which will make the chair or couch uninviting Primary WISDOM AND SELF-CULTIVATION Nourished by This area should be connected to your desire for personal and spiritual growth. A clean, open Pictures of wise Dark wood floors people, objects for meditation space. In a front yard, you want to have walkways that curve toward the house and bright greenery will bring in energy. Statues of Buddha or a zen garden will help improve concentration. CAREER Primary This area is related to your career and your path in life, so you should always reflect the energy of this area towards your career goals. Nourished by This area only has one color, black, so any pictures or images in the room should be in black and white and should be spaced far apart to give them a strong presence. Pictures of vast water or sky for endless possibility Colors of black A small indoor and white in art water feature Make sure there's good lighting when no windows or natural light is present HELPFUL PEOPLE AND TRAVEL Primary Nourished by This area should be dedicated to energy that will attract positive connections and people into your life, as well as expressing gratitude for those people. The colors of this area are white and grey and should depict soft, curving shapes as according to the Metal element. Photos or images of travel or places you want to go as well as pictures of people who have helped you "go places" in life are also good for this area. A 55 Pictures of places Tall, curving lamps or sculptures Colors of white and grey you want to travel A garage should always be free of clutter as an inviting entrance to the home. Good "car" feng shui means parking backwards, so headlights are pointed away from the home. For improved health, wealth, and relationships! IN PARTNERSHIP WITH aWalls BROUGHT TO YOU BY Soothing GRYFFIN MEDIA

Need Good Luck? Feng Shui Your Home!

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Bring Feng Shui organization, style, and luck to your space! Here's your guide to Feng Shui your Home to improve your life, your relationships, and your Business!




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