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My First Year poster (Tropics edition)

inst Meu One Year Jength. percentile. weight. percentile Originally due on #Of days earlylate Time of birth City of birth Location of birth (circle cne) Weather at birth (eirele one) 9 months EARLY / LATE AMIPM. length. percentile, Favorite things Tear triggers Songs sung to me weight Books read to me percentile Best pal. Most effective soothing tool 6 months Sength. Milestones percentile, weight. percentile, first smile first laugh blows raspberties toe in mouth gives kieses dincing pointing clapping waving signing peek a-boo coos 4 months Jength. First trips Ilnesses/Dr's visits First words (spoken of signed) percentile weight percentile. Diapers Motor Skills Teeth 2 months Sength. percentile >>> holds head up rolls over sits up crawls stands cruises walks weight percentile, The Year In Food Most effective method For putting to sleep Hair at Birth Hair at One Year 1 month length. OBreastfed O Formula-fed Ofuzz Ofuzz Otight curls Obald Otight caris Olooge curls Obald Olooge curls percentile. S of months weight first food percentile ---- Ostraight Omullet Otuft Owild hair Ostraight Omullet O tuft Owild hair hair color eye color hair color eye color favorite foods Where I sleep (circle one) Birth Average waking hour Average bedtime hour length. percentile, least favorite foods weight coS WITH PARENTS HAMMOCK MOS BASET Average length of naps minutes (x/day)- co SPER percentile. Age I began sleeping through the night. Angust 5. 2014 Paloma Belin de Onis

My First Year poster (Tropics edition)

shared by strangebirdy on Nov 14
A beautiful alternative to a baby book for parents to fill in and document their child's growth and development with rich visuals and original illustrations.


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