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Moving to Recovery: The 2014 Housing Market

=Moving to Recovery The Housing Market 2014 The housing market has looked bleak since the worldwide economic recession. However, 2014 has been a year for recovery in the UK, whilst the USA continues on the rocky road to improvement. During 2014... House Prices in the UK Rose by. +3.8% +11.7% on average +19.6% in London in the North East and they're on their way up in the USA too.. +6.4% median Average House Values UK vs USA £280k $438k £260k $407k £240k $375k £220k $344k £200k $313k £180k $281k £160k $250k £140k $219k £120k $187k £100k $156k £80k $125k 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 I UK IUSA Average Price for a 3 Bedroom House Around the UK £272,000 approx. $425,893 correct Sept 2014 £162,558 Glasgow *$254,441 £270,932 Edinburgh *$424,072 £114,147 Belfast $178.666 £168,577 Newcastle *$263,862 £156,230 Manchester *$244,536 £148,091 Sheffield £140,247 Liverpool *$219,519 *$231,797 £155,938 Birmingham "$244,079 £640,025 London *$1,001,789 £198,834 Cardiff £258,833 *$311,221 Bristol *$405,134 Average House Prices Around the USA $175,000 approx. £111,765 correct Oct 2014 $266,719 Washington $289,000 New York "E170,401 "E184,636 $211,000 Minnesota "E134,804 $135,000 $380,000 California $150,000 Ohio "E86,249 Tennessee E95.832 "E242,775 $165,000 $440,000 Florida Hawaii "E105,415 "E281J07 The average house price in the US ($175,000) would nearly buy an average house in Belfast. The average house price in the UK (£272,000) would nearly buy an average house in Hawaii. UK house sales hit a 7-year high, with more people looking to cash in on the increase in value. In the US, things hit a slight bump, although this market has been progressing for the past couple of years. Number of House Sales UK vs USA 6,000k 5,000k 4,000k 3,000k 500k 400k 300k 200k 2014 100k 2012 2013 2010 2011 2008 2009 2007 I UK I USA Who's Moving? The average Brit will move house 8 times in their life... х2 x3 x3 from between 30 onwards between 0-18 years old 19–29 years old 1 in 6 44 onwards.. The average American moves home around 12 times in their life, but only about 3 times after the age of 44. 1 in 6 Americans move home each year. Approximately 3 million people moved from one UK house to another in 2013. Emmigration from the UK & USA 154,000 (4.9%) 154,000 Brits moved out of the UK last year (4.9% of total moves). 1.55% However, only 1.55% of Americans moved to a new house abroad in 2013 (1.269 million). The Top 3 Reasons for Moving House Moving in Going to University Leaving with Partner Parents Only 200m 1 in 5 150m On average, 100m people live 63 miles people will end up living over 200 miles from their first from their house. birthplace. Interesting Facts: Biggest, Smallest, Most Expensive... 8.25"- London's thinnest house (a one bedroom house in Denmark Hill, SE London) sold in the UK in May 2014 for £450,000 ($705,732). It measured just 99 inches wide (8.25 feet!) – which is narrower than the world's tallest man Robert Wadlow (8.3ft). Highest Value Postcode Highest Value Street, UK THE BOLTONS, LONDON £28,283,207 Average property value ($44,353,300) W8 Highest Value House, USA Highest Value House, UK KENSINGTON REGENT'S EAST PARK HAMPTON LONDON (NY) £2,905,169 $120m $147m Average property value ($4,555,842) (£196m) (£93,738,941) Wentworth Woodhouse, in South Yorkshire, is the largest privately owned home in the UK, with 250,000 square ft. of floorspace, covering over 2.5 acres and is surrounded by a 180-acre park. The estimated value of the White House is over $287m, that's around £183.5m! E72"– The UK's smallest home (in Conwy, Wales) stands at just 72 inches wide and 122 inches high, and can only fit 4 people inside comfortably. Sources: | buying-home-11-7-year-properties-london-soaring-20.html rulia. _prices | www. BINGHANT STORAGE 122" SELF

Moving to Recovery: The 2014 Housing Market

shared by BoomOnline on Mar 10
2014 was a busy year for house movers, with the UK reaching a 7-year high on housing values and house sales. In the US, sales of houses started to decline, although the value started to creep back up ...



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