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Moving With Kids: Tips You Must Know

Moving With Children (1 to 10 years old) If we as adults find moving house stressful, then our kids must see the event as a terribly overwhelming change which serves no greater purpose than to make them feel vulnerable. Šo, how do we tell our little loved ones things will once again be alright? How do we help them through this terrible time which is called house relocation? For starters... Before the Move MAY Let Them Know of the Move Early On 1 The little rascals will need some time to adjust to the thought of leaving their beloved room forever. There is no general rule as to how early you should share the news of your home removal, just remember the earlier, the better. Listen to Their Questions and Be Supportive Your siblings will want to know the reason behind this serious change. Always use a calm voice and make time to provide explanations. Be positive even if you don't always feel like it. Involve Kids in the Move Resolve to some of these examples when you're out of ideas. - give your little one some boxes and ask him to pack some of his own items - ask your kid to draw some pretty packing labels for the moving boxes ask your kids to choose different label colours for each room - ask them what colour they want their new room painted Show Them the New Home If possible, drive your kids to your new home several times before you start the move. That will make the new house seem less foreign later when you finally settle. Have a Farewell Party You will be able to exchange numbers and e-mails with other parents and your children will take photos with their little friends for memories. Frankly, nowadays no one can truly stay out of sight thanks to social media. Your kids will still be connected to their old friends. Prepare a First Night Box Especially for Your Kids Include - blankets some of junior's favourite toys - favourite pyjamas - favourite snacks *Remember to load your kids' items last in the moving van. During the Move Find Somebody to Look After Your Kids During the Moving day No explanation needed here. However if you're doing a long distance move and this option is not available do this instead - give your kids small tasks- like for example, tell your youngster into all the rooms and make sure there are no boxes lying around forgotten. - take some of your kids favourite toys in the car- and don't forget some snacks and plenty of water. Whatever gives comfort to your child at a time like this, should be in your vehicle. - promise your youngsters a treat for good behaviour if they're getting obnoxious- give it to them when you arive at your new home After the Move Unpack Your Kids' Items First Only after you ensure you kids' comfort are you allowed to unpack your own items. So, start with their beds, box with favourite toys, carpets and other items of this sort. You might need to unpack a cupboard too as their clothes should be put somewhere other than the moving box. Have a Party Night Watch a happy family film together and eat some tasty treats. This will help you and your family relax. Unpacking can wait a day or two. Show Your Bedroom to Your Kids That way if they wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, they'd know where to find you. Don't Throw Away All Your Moving Boxes Kids love playing with boxes. The reason is a box can be used in a great number of way as oppose to a regular toy which has only one purpose. By giving some boxes to your kids you help them further develop their imagination and save some money on new toys at least for a little while. BESTMOVE YOUR NEW BEGINNING STARTS HERE Sources: cardboard-boxes-flashy-toys-o-1

Moving With Kids: Tips You Must Know

shared by christianreese85 on Jun 26
An infographic about how you can best prepare your kids for relocation. The infographic has 3 parts- before the move, during the move and after the move. Each part has specific tips of what you or you...




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