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The Most Common Entry Points For a Break-In

THE MOST COMMON ENTRY POINTS FOR A BREAK-IN WHERE AND HOW INTRUDERS GAIN ENTRY INTO YOUR HOME MAY BE SURPRISING. BUT WHAT YOU LEARN TODAY MAY HELP PREVENT A HOME BURGLARY IN THE NEAR FUTURE. 2% 6% 22% 9% 34% 4% 23% BACK 34% 23% 22% 9% 6% 4% 2% BASEMENT You may think that the FRONT DOOR Often times, burglars will simply break-in right through the front door. This is especially true, if the home's door is old. All the intruder has to do is give it a good push or kick. It's best to get a very sturdy door and deadbolt lock. FIRST FLOOR BACK DOOR ATTACHED UNLOCKED SECOND FLOOR WINDOW Back doors make for a GARAGE ENTRANCES AND Don't think that a burglar won't gain entry through the second floor window or First floor windows are great cover for thieves basement's bulkhead Many homeowners use garage door as a main entry into their home, which means it's STORAGE AREAS Of course if a door or casement window is secure and too small for an intruder especially a balcony. to crawl through, but think again! You should avoid weak glass that can easily shatter and apply security film to the glass. Also consider keeping shrubbery well who don't want to be vulnerable to break-ins. In fact, in under one minute a burglar can slit a screen, pry open a seen by neighbors or those passing by. Why not install a DIY surveillance camera to keep watch over your back door? Even a fake homeowner leaves an entrance unlocked the window, and crawl through it. They can even break the glass to get in. Installing an alarm equipped with window sensors is paramount, plus glass break detectors and security decals. a prime target for intruders. One might forget to keep the garage door shut altogether making for a definite invitation to unwanted guests. risk of a break-in i much higher. It's important to take special note of storage areas too. Make sure areas such as this and Although this is more common for apartment complexes, a home is vulnerable as well. Some thieves even utilize rope ladders. camera could do the trick to make your back door less inviting to other entrances have thieves. proper lighting. -trimmed so that a burglar can't create a cover upon possibly breaking in. HOME S SECLRITY SOURCE: FBI UNIFORM CRIME REPORT INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: HOMESECURITYSTORE.COM

The Most Common Entry Points For a Break-In

shared by HomeSecurityStore on Aug 21
Home Security Store releases a third infographic detailing Most Common Entry Points for a Break-in. The number one point of entry is straight through the front door.


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