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Mold Remediation - The Professional Method

PROFESSIONAL MOLD REMEDIATION Mold is an issue that can be taken care of by professionals. They use a thorough process that ensures that the mold doesnt come back. Here are the steps that are followed to remove mold from properties. REPAIR THE WATER DAMAGE Doing this will ensure that no further mold spores begin to grow. ISOLATE CONTAMINATED AREA They will then close all windows and doors between the contaminated area and other rooms. They woll also cover any openings with Mil-Polyethylene sheeting, seal it tightly with duct tape, and slip openings to enter the contaminated area. GET RID OF DUST This can be done easily by misting the dusty areas. REMOVE CONTAMINATED ITEMS The professionals will remove all porous materials that are wet or damaged by mold. They will follow the EPA guidelines as well as the IICRC guidelines to safely remove all damaged items. They will then be placed in thick plastic bags where they will be disposed of properly. CLEAN AFFECTED AREAS There are different cleaning methods that are dependent on the level of mold damage. If the mold problem is large enough and the professionals are called in, they will use a HEPA vacuum to clean all surfaces and then use a damp cloth and a cleaning solution as well. VISIBILITY TEST After the cleaning has been done, the technician will then perform a visibility test to make sure that no spots were missed while cleaning. DRY &REPLACE ITEMS All cleaned areas will be dried so that leftover moisture evaporates. Professionals will use high- grade fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the process. Also, all of the materials that were affected will then be replaced or repaired.

Mold Remediation - The Professional Method

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Hiring a team of professionals to rid your home of mold is a good idea if it is a large infestation. This infographic explains the process that a mold remediation would go through if they were removin...


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