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Making Your Home a Greener Place

MAKING YOUR HOME A GREENER PLACE SIMPLE GREEN IMPROVEMENTS LOW-FLOW FIXTURES LOW-FLUSH TOILETS Low-flow showerheads and faucets can reduce water Each person in your home uses about 28 gallons per day just for flushing consumption by 60% Less hot water is used, which means less energy is consumed in the process Low-flush toilets use 2-5 times less water for each flush ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES Older dishwashers and clothes washers consume energy and operate for longer LEAK MONITORING New energy-efficient models can cut water One household's leaks can waste over 10,000 gallons of water per year usage by up to 50% Local and federal tax credits may be available for certain energy- efficient appliances and improvements Devices that sense leaks alert you so you can have a plumber stop the waste GREEN IMPROVEMENTS DURING A REMODEL INSULATED PIPES NO MORE EXTERIOR PLUMBING Water loses heat as it Plumbing that runs through a house's exterior walls promotes energy loss travels from the heater to your faucet Have pipes insulated during your remodel to reduce energy loss Have your plumbing routed through conditioned spaces instead WHOLE-HOUSE FILTRATION TANKLESS WATER HEATERS Helps reduce minerals, chemicals, and These heaters only heat the water you need right then microorganisms in your water supply Reduces energy usage and ensures you always have enough hot water Healthier for you and your family, and extends the life of plumbing fixtures PROVIDED BY: Eugestons -PLUMBING CO., INC. WWW.EAGERTONPLUMBING.COM SOURCES: show.Green-Plumbing.16396.html bate.rebate_locator_submit

Making Your Home a Greener Place

shared by BrittSE on Sep 18
What can low-flow fixtures do for your home? Investing in low-flow showerheads and faucets can reduce water consumption by 60%! These fixtures also use less hot water, requiring less energy. Find more...


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